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This is a list of fan made Mods (Modifications) made for Blood and Blood II: The Chosen. If you have a mod, do not be afraid to add it to the lists.

Modification Websites

Polish Blood Centre

The Polish Blood Centre host various modifications for Blood and Blood II: The Chosen in its files section. These include several well known maps such as Legends of Iconoclast and The Carnage Continues, it also includes several hard to find maps such as The 13th Realm.

Website: Polish Translated


A website founded in 2008 dedicated to the hosting of Blood modifications; it has also expanded to host maps for the original Shadow Warrior, a fellow Build engine title. It has grown to be a quite popular modification hosting site, earning maps from well known mod makers such as Alexandre Vancomerbeck, Ryan Williams, RedFanatic, Dwayne Anderson and Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley. It also hosts map creation tutorials, a list of cheat codes, and a guest book. It was created and is currently maintained by Michael Ochs. One file by BME/ILMHB promises to offer the best 50 maps of the website (circa July 22, 2011), with all thoroughly tested and accessible through a special mapbrowser.


Deep Cold Grave

The "Deep Cold Grave" section of the Russian Blood Community hosts various Blood maps and modification projects. It is unique because of its Russian based maps, even including a recreation of Moscow. The levels were created by Zik, Diman, and Ryan Williams. As of December 14, 2008 it hosts twelve levels and twelve larger Blood modification projects.

Website: Russian Translated.

ControlZ Blood Maps

A collection of Blood modifications created by Jimmy Chris DeVona, Michael D. Green, Mamba16, Anders Aandahl. Michael Haythorp, Christopher Brua, Desmond Sheppard, Daniel Wilson, J. E. Simpson, Nikk Matantsev, and others hosted on the ControlZ website. The majority were created for BloodBath purposes, with a few supporting single player. The website was maintained by Craig "ControlZ" Duckett, and started out on GeoCities before moving to Planet Blood.


RTCM Blood Modifications

See Also: List of Websites#RTCM

A collection of eighteen Blood modifications created by Dwayne Anderson, Joel and Kurt Blackwell, BelaRUSSIAN, Christian Green, Jeff Morris, Dustin Twilley, and others. It also contains the Cryptic Passage teaser by Sunstorm Interactive. Many of the modifications included were large modification projects such as BloodLines and Legends of the Iconoclast.


Nailer's Blood Page

See Also: List of Websites#Nailer's Blood Page

A website hosting several modifications for Blood by different people as well as some map editing tutorials.


The Krunatus Blood Page

See Also: List of Websites#The Krunatus Blood Page

A site that hosts submitted modifications including Flarez, Eye of Blood, Lagoon, and Mind.



GameFront hosts various Blood and Blood II: The Chosen modifications and files. Files available range from custom skins, new levels, to unofficial patches. Since switching from the name FileFront the website appears to have become much more poorly categorized, but it still has several hard to find modifications for download.

Website: Blood Files on GameFront

Jarlaxle's Collection

A detailed collection of over 1,300 maps for Blood posted on the Transfusion Forums divided into three sections: Complete Collection, Just Maps, and Just Total Conversions. All are direct-links and do not require registering an account of any kind. They were complied by Jarlaxle.



ModDB has several modification available for download for both Blood and Blood II, including Bloody Pulp Fiction and Rage Against The Machine for Blood and BastardCTF, DarkAct, Festival of Blood, FX Enhancer, and Outz CTF Maps for Blood II: The Chosen. Many of the Blood II files were uploaded from other websites by Joe Volante.

Website: Blood Files, Blood II Files


The website The Postmortem hosts a forum for both Blood and Blood II modding, to showcase, ask questions and post how-tos.

Links: Blood modifications, Blood II modifications, List of mods for Blood

Blood Mods


Deep Cold Grave Mods

Modifications by Zik

A collection of various Blood modifications hosted on the Cold Cold Grave website. Each map has a different back story, mostly revolving around common themes of vengeance and revenge, with a few having more distinct story lines such as fighting in a town being taken over by a virus or tracking down a murderer. All of the modifications were created by Zik.

Website: Sectant, Sectant 2, X-Virus, Kill Bill

Translated: Sectant, Sectant 2, X-Virus, Kill Bill

Modifications by LifeKILLED and CHARMED

A collection of various Blood modifications hosted on the Cold Cold Grave website. Similar to the modifications by Zik, vengeance and revenge are common themes in these maps. All of the modifications were created by LifeKILLED and CHARMED, except for The Sect War which was created exclusively by LifeKILLED.

Website: Old Friend original, Old Friend, The Sect War

Translated: Old Friend original, Old Friend, The Sect War

The Way of All Flesh-Again

Russian modification that changes the levels in The Way of All Flesh without changing the story, it was created by Diman.

Website Russian Translated

The Phantom of Communism

Russian modification created by Hellen and [p0d] Nike.

Website: Russian Translated

The Carnage Continues

The Carnage Continues is a modification for Blood that was developed over several years, with it being finally released on January 4, 2006, although the author commented that it could never be finished entirely as intended. The modification was built using Blood 1.20 as it's base, which may cause incompatibilities with One Unit: Whole Blood versions. The storyline was mostly stripped out for the sake of release, but some pieces of it remain, and the story for Episode 2 remained intact.

Among the the new features added in this modifcation are new graphics and animations for the Pitchfork, the Tommy Gun, the Tesla Cannon, the Aerosol Can, and the Life Leech. An updated version was released on January 1, 2007, adding a new starting level, a new final boss level, some new art and cutscene fixes. The modification was created by Harry, with one level jointly developed with Reactor.


Videos: Intro, Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Alone in the Dark



After destroying Tchernobog at the Hall of the Epiphany, the power vacuum allows Caleb's soul to rise and hold him captive. Although thanking him for disposing of the dark god, it prepares to punish Caleb for every innocent victim he has slain through four trials: suffering, punishment, despair and redemption - and then hopefully become one togather. These four tasks make up the modification's levels. The mod's site is largely poorly archived but it was later moved onto Blood.Freeminded.De. It was created by RedFanatic, later co-developer of Bloody Pulp Fiction, and the Plasma Pak was required.



Threads: Postmortem Forums

It's A War Out There


It's a War Out There (shortened as AWAR) is a one-level add-on for Blood created by TOT COMICS/That one guy (aka Joe Anderson), creator of Blood Reborn. The back-story is brief: Caleb has been hiding out in his cabin for a long time, getting increasingly bored, but weary of all the dangers that lay beyond. After all "it's a war out there". Eventually however, the protagonist decides to venture outward, figuring that all those things that seek to hurt him he can hurt in return, and thereby find his means to amuse himself. The level features cemetery, urban, library, sewer, water, and cave areas and even a laboratory with portals to both the frozen north and to a temple complex. It is here that the player meets his final challenge: two beasts that guard the exit.

The premise is continued in a second add-on, It's a War Out There 2, wherein Caleb finds an axe zombie carelessly wandering around a cliff-face, falling to its death. Caleb figures this must herald a nearby Cabal stronghold, and so he decides to check it out, again to relieve his endless boredom. First he comes across an old library, which he blasts through, before retreating down into the sewers, and again through a laboratory, finding a similar portal that leads out into a lava temple. There he has a surprise encounter with Tchernobog, whom he defeats before once again heading along his way. The introductions to both levels feature animated openings featuring Blood sprites, followed by a textual introduction. There were three versions released of the original map, and two of the second.

Downloads: Official Website, ModDB 1, ModDB 2, Its A War Out There, version 3 mirror, It's A War Out There 2 mirror

Postmortem Threads: Announcement, Release, Version 2, Version 3, Sequel Testers Request, Sequel Release

Bloody Pulp Fiction

Bloody Pulp Fiction
Bloody Pulp Fiction

Bloody Pulp Fiction, or BPF, is a Blood modification with two new original episodes ranging from dilapidated carnivals, huge sea-faring ships, to old desert ghost towns long forgotten along Route66. It was developed by Ryan Williams and RedFanatic and finally released in 2009.

The mod incorporates new custom sounds and art that fits in with the overall theme of Blood and spans around 18 new maps in total, which were made in the style of "The Way of All Flesh" and Cryptic Passage. It was shipped with a DosBox enabled launcher for the convenience of Windows users, although this can cause problems for users of alternative platforms. A installer-free version is also available, allowing for original DOS play as well as DosBox on other platforms.

The story is set in present day, in a world where the remaining parts of the Cabal are stretching out like a cancer attempting to enslave humanity. Caleb, who wants nothing more to do with the cult of Tchernobog, has to once again stop their plans.


Videos: Bloody Pulp Fiction Mod for Blood, Cabalanche, Dreck the Halls

Death Wish

Death Wish

Main Article: Death Wish

Death Wish is a modification developed by Bloatoid that adds an additional three episodes and over thirty new levels to Blood. The project was started in January of 2010 with the aim of it being completed by the years end. Development later expanded into 2011, with it finally being released on October 31, 2011.

The most notable new feature to be added as part of Death Wish are modified tomes that bring up messages when you collect them. There are several in each level, and they have special messages that reveal secrets, story elements, and sometimes nothing more than offhand Cultist comments. They are not always right in your path, but if a curious player starts searching every corner he should be able to find them all.

The modification also comes with a fully developed walkthrough available in a plain text file. The walkthough will be separated into two parts, with the first part being a basic walkthrough that doesn't reveal any secrets or the secret level entrances, and the second revealing all. Also included is a commentary text file offering the creators thoughts about the mod.

Death Wish is distributed as a plain zip file that will simply hold a folder with all the files, with the user simply extracting the files into their Blood directory. The author wanted it to be as simple as possible, especially since he was not trying to add any new textures or replace any sounds.


Videos: Blood Death Wish, Let's play Blood Death Wish, Death Wish Mod for Blood

French Meat


Caleb Will Have His Revenge On Toronto



Legends of the Iconoclast

Legends of the Iconoclast

An epic modification featuring a mixture between Blood and medieval fantasy. Tchernobog, a former soothsayer of King Iconoclast IX, uses the powers of dark magic to kill his former king and steals the sword of darkness. Then he places a curse on the people of Iconoclast, with the only way for the place to be saved is if an ancient legend comes true.

Five mystic swords, including the sword of darkness, must combine to become one. One thousand years later, Caleb is captured by the Cabal and is taken to the realm of the Iconoclast, and the only way for Caleb to escape is to fulfil the ancient legend. Additional storyline for this modification was created later on, both the modification and the fiction were created by Dwayne Anderson.

Website: (Internet Archive)

Download the original trilogy at:

LOI Remake

In order to commemorate the modifications tenth anniversary, work on a expanded and fixed up version is currently under way by its original author. A blog detailing the new project was also created by the games creator.

The first part of the remake is entitled "Scourge of Humanity" and is set near the end of the First World War. A powerful religious military organization known as the Scourge is waging war on mankind, led by a mysterious man named Garibaldi, whose goal is humanity's extermination. Logan, a Romanian gunsmith and former soldier of the Scourge, who turned his back on the organization after his love Katrina discovered the true purpose of the Scourge and was executed when she went against Garibaldi, fights back when his home city is invaded, seeing this as his chance for retribution, only to strand himself back in the Scourge's home dimension. Here, he discovers sinister secrets about Garibaldi. Enlisted by the wizard Murlock to save the land, Logan embarks on an epic adventure where he must fight his way through Garibaldi's castle, recover the elemental swords, rescue a cursed prince and princess, and ultimately defeat Garibaldi to save mankind and give meaning to the death of his beloved Katrina.

Scourge of Humanity was finally released on April 15, 2012. The second part will be be entitled "Unfinished Business", a sequel which focuses on the protagonist continuing his war on the organization that he was once part of as he seeks to tie up a few loose ends, confront his internal demons, and once more save the world.

Download Scourge of Humanity:,

Video: Blood - Apocalypse Tower (Legends of Iconoclast Pt 2)

Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine

Main Article: Rage Against the Machine

A project to create a commercial quality Blood game, the title is sometimes shortened as Rage. Episode one was first released on October 31, 2007, before being re-issued as a "New Compact Version" on May 16, 2008, and is currently the only released portion of Rage Against the Machine.

The modification includes a new soundtrack and is intended to add many new levels that are compatible with single player, BloodBath and cooperative play.

The modification's story is intended to be played out through "live-action" cutscenes played out at the end of the episodes. It was created by Matthew “Daedalus” Kallis (project leader and mapper), Dimebog (musician), and Filip (oBe) Walgraef (artist and animator).

Daedalus essentially killed off the project on May 23, 2008 after finding a lack of time to continue mapping.


Videos: Rage Against The Machine Mod for Blood, DOS Game: Blood - Rage Against the Machine




BloodLines (or Blood Lines) is an old modification project hosted by Planet Blood. In it you take the role of a failed writer named Maximilian "Max" Dunkel, who attempts to commit suicide after never actually writing his much anticipated upcoming book.

Before he can do it however, he is approached by a man in the black suit representing "Prospero Publishing", who hands him an eerie typewriter to finish the book. Grateful, Max asks him what he can do to repay him, and the man in the black suite asks him to do "one small thing" for him.

It was created by jAsOn, DaMann, Felix Drott, Alexandre Vancomerbeck, Craig Duckett., Adam, BenMonkey, StalkerX, Reactor, and Kurt Blackwell (aka Necrosoft).


Blood II: The Chosen Mods


Ze Rein's Bastard CTF
Hospital of Souls
BloodShed BloodBath Map
The Festival of Blood
FX Enhancer
Extra Crispy Enhancer Pack

Ze Rein's Bastard CTF

Ze Rein's Bastard CTF is a Blood II: The Chosen multiplayer modification that adds a thoroughly twisted and haunting take on the awesome McKinley Revival map from the Quake sequel to Blood2 in full Lithtech glory. The mod features tons of enhancements, numerous fixes, multiplayer weapons and a healthy dose of spooky madness to the online mayhem. An entire host of new character skins and costumes are also made available for your gibbing pleasure. Although this is a multiplayer mod at heart, the Bastard CTF mod can also be used when playing through the single-player campaign of Blood2. Website: (Ze Rein's Bastard CTF website)

Blood 2K5

Blood 2K5 (also known as B2K5 or Blood 2005) is a Blood II: The Chosen modification that adds new single player levels to the game. The plot revolves around Ishmael, who appears to have gone against Caleb. The player has to move through a variety of locals, including graveyards, road houses, and finally a hospital. The modification includes development files from the upcoming Blood II: Resurrection, such as more traditional looking cultists, fanatics and zombies. One level was created by Joe Volante, and a modified Psycho Circus retail level is also included, and the hospital level which was created by Alexandre Vancomerbeck. It was originally created in 2005 (explaining the title), but the finished modification was released on November 20, 2007. Website:,

BloodBath Maps

The majority of all maps created for Blood II: The Chosen were created purely for BloodBath purposes. Although these maps were created by several different authors and hosted several different places over the years, you can find several websites which have brought them together for download. The maps contain everything from single player BloodBath conversions, maps from other games, to new multiplayer arenas. Theses maps were created by Kurt Blackwell, Joe Volante, Michael Gehri, Arjan Kerren, Robert Missionario, as well as many others. Website: BloodBath Maps (FileFront), BloodBath Maps (DeathMask), BloodBath Maps (Polish Blood Centre)

The Festival of Blood

A modification that adds Blood style touches to Blood II: The Chosen as well as a lot of other original touches. The main goal of the modification was to bring back a more classic Blood atmosphere to Blood II BloodBath. This was done by bringing back elements such as sounds, levels, models, and graphics back from the original Blood, as well as several original ideas the authors thought would benefit the experience. These new changes include new skins for Gabriella and Ishmael, as well as new animated effects for water, mud, and lava. The modification was created by Arjan Kerren and WKYA-Undertaker. Website:

Bernie's Silly Mod

Bernie's Silly Mod is a modification developed in 1999 which adds various changes for the sake of humour or just random creativity. It does not add any additional levels or content, but does change various skins, animations, and enemy behaviours. These changes include new textures for most weapons, weapons fire animations were sped up or slowed down depending on the model, new firing modes for Submachine Gun, the Death Ray beams were changed to red, Assault Rifle bombs have a new texture, some new weapons such as the rocket launcher from the game Shogo: MAD which replaces the Howitzer, the majority of magazines for the weapons has a new texture, most of the enemies have a new texture, Soul Drudge have a new way to attack, Shikari are now faster and have a new way to attack from the air, new explosion textures, new animation for the Orb, new Innocents textures, Hell Hands have a new texture, the Life Leech has a new texture with the inscription "666", new menus and loading screens, and a new skin for the Bone Leeches. Mirror: (English Translation)

FX Enhancer

FX Enhancer is a Blood II: The Chosen modification that changes various aspects of the game. While it does not add any new levels or textures, it aims to improve the gameplay of the original retail game. Like The Festival of Blood, FX Enhancer hopes to make Blood II more similar to the original Blood. However, instead of focusing on stylistic and theme differences, FX Enhancer focuses on gameplay and game attributes. There are several changes to the games weapons, sound effects, enemy intelligence, character attributes, menu music, cheat codes, interface and other elements of Blood II. The modification was created by Tren. Website:

Extra Crispy

Main Article: Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy is a recent modification, originally released in 2011 but has received updates as recently as January 2012, that expands upon the work started in FX Enhancer. It was initially released on June 22, 2011 by John "VGames" Carrizales, who has also made many similar tweak mods for several other older game titles. Alongside the changes made by the modification it is based on, Extra Crispy has also introduced various new tweaks that can affect everything to the effectiveness of certain weapons and characters to introducing new artificial intelligence routines for some of the enemies. In addition, the Extra Crispy Enhancer Pack provides a new texture pack that contains sharpened map textures, new menu graphics, and expanded skins for all models as well as some new sound effects.


Other: Postmortem Thread, Blood 2: The Chosen - Extra Crispy MOD Part 1 Video, Part 2 Video, Part 3 Video, Gideon Spider Flying Video


Blood II: Resurrection

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Hanegbi told Israel Radio that the government in Jerusalem was urging members of Congress to view the agreement through the prism of what was good for their country, not Israel. The Israeli government certainly has its work cut out for it, especially after Senator Brian Schatz said on Monday he backs the US-led international nuclear deal with Iran, becoming the 16th senator to do so and moving President Barack Obama one vote closer to locking in enough Senate votes to make the deal fly.A liberal, Jewish-born lawmaker from Hawaii, Schatz had been expected to come down in favor of the deal. But his decision was noteworthy because it came just a few days after another Jewish senator, Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York, announced his opposition to the Iran agreement.Schumer's decision last week caused an uproar as he usually lines up behind the president. He is the No. 3 senator and wants to become Senate Democratic leader after the 2016 election.In a statement, Schatz said he was backing the pact between six world powers and Iran because it is the best option for keeping nuclear bombs out of Tehran's hands. Iran must never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon, and that is why I support this agreement, Schatz said.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposes the agreement, as do some Jewish groups in the United States.Most Republicans have also said they oppose the deal, which was unveiled on July 14. It is designed to curb Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting of economic sanctions.Republicans plan to push for a congressional resolution of disapproval that could cripple the deal. Obama is pinning his hopes on Democrats, in the minority in both houses of Congress.Several key votes on the deal are likely in weeks ahead after Congress returns from its August recess.Schatz said no military option could do what the agreement would do - deny Iran a bomb for at least 15 years. This agreement should not be compared to an imaginary deal where Iran rolled over and eliminated all its centrifuges and all peaceful nuclear energy generation. That was never seriously on the table, he said.Congress has until Sept. 17 to vote on any resolution of disapproval of the agreement. After Schumer's announcement last week, Democrats said they were still confident they could rebuff Republican attempts to sink the agreement.Reuters contributed to this report. Mayo had gone to Columbia St. Mary's Hospital in Milwaukee for treatment for a fever and abdominal pain. The jury found no negligence in her treatment itself. However, it found that the doctor, Wyatt Jaffe, and the physician's assistant, Donald Gibson, failed to provide Mayo with alternative medical diagnoses that would have led her to pursue other treatment. <a href=>Ugg Outlet</a> The twist? Nature is more than a silent victim of our recklessness. Nature is our teacher. When ocean temperatures rise, hurricanes are likely. Hurricanes seem destructive to humans, but to nature they are a way of regenerating, of mixing sea and fresh water, and re-oxygenating the ocean鈥檚 dead zones. Nature has been regenerating for eons. She will lead us out and through this climate crisis. Meantime it emerged late on Tuesday that Israel fully expects the U.S. Congress will comply with its wishes and vote down the Iran nuclear deal. <a href=>Coach Outlet</a> 漏 Copyright of Globes Publisher Itonut (1983) Ltd. 2015 s THE wet weather forced Chloe Richardson and Nick Hunt to cancel the charity trial at Swale Farm on Saturday afternoon. The Children in Need Appeal collection maybe be exercised at either the Sid Morton Memorial Trial on Good Friday or the clubman and youth trial at Ironbanks on Monday. <a href=>oakley sunglasses</a> 鈥淭here were lots of us back then,鈥?says Eric. 鈥淭here must have been 15 or 20 wholesalers between Darlington and 鈥?six in Bishop alone. My father was up at the Newcastle fruit market in Eldon Square at five o鈥檆lock in the morning. That鈥檚 how they fed Bishop Auckland, but all that鈥檚 finished now.鈥? Who knows, maybe someday he will coach in Green Bay. <a href=>ugg boots</a> Among other gifts in kind documented by CR Meyer are $14,475 by Discher Architectural Millwork for the baseball office architecture and woodwork; $15,000 by John Binder Crew for installation of the locker room floor; $10,000 by Corcoran Glass Paint for painting and window installation; and $15,000 by Quality Ceilings for ceiling material and installation. y <a href=>Wholesale NFL Jerseys</a> "I know very few people have scored a (limited-overs) hundred at number six - but I know I'm one of them. <a href=>oakley sunglasses outlet</a> Our upper weights carried us tonight, said Berceau. k Perhaps the most scathing finale analysis came from . <a href=>Coach Factory </a> So far in 2015, the UN has to deliver aid to besieged or hard-to-reach areas. Of these, 20 have been approved and only seven planned deliveries have been fully completed, according to the UNSG s latest report. k First he looked to have outpaced the defence from 30 metres out only to lose the ball in going for the right corner. But it did put Mowden back on the front foot and after 50 minutes inside centre Tom Hodgson took a short pass on the burst from Connon and went straight through to the posts. <a href=></a> The Saturday service in downtown Chattanooga comes nearly a month after Mohammad Abdulazeez shot and killed four Marines and one Navy sailor at a Navy operations support center. <a href=>Coach Outlet Store Online</a> Clarke creditedhis wife Kyly for part of his success. <a href=>Coach Outlet Online</a> <input type=hidden name=date value='2015-08-11 12:15:51'> k <a href=>roshe run shoes</a> It's the final weekend of the season below National Two other than for those involved in play-offs, such as West 's hosts, Sheffield. <a href=></a> We are doing everything necessary to ensure the event is celebrated in a peaceful manner, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi on Tuesday. S2VudCBTdGF0ZSBhbmQgT2hpbyBVLiBPaGlvIFN0YXRlLCBDaW5jaW5uYXRpIGFuZCBNaWFtaSBo <a href=>fake oakley sunglasses</a> Following a judgment on which imputations could go to a jury, Mr Mohareb and the Palmers entered into settlement negotiations and executed a deed. Mr Mohareb agreed to drop the case, and pay some of the Palmer's costs, in return for the publication of an apology on the Scotland Island Community Facebook page. j <a href=></a> 鈥淐ouncil officers should have known the other applications were controversial and would overrun.鈥?<a href=>Coach Factory Outlet</a> On Tuesday, India woke up to the news of , an engineer and executive hailing from Chennai who has made it big in Silicon Valley, becoming the CEO of Google. Far bigger in import was the news of the reorganisation of the internet behemoth Google itself, which propelled Mr. Pichai to the top slot. Larry Page, who along with Sergey Brin started the search engine in 1998, announced a corporate structure in which Google will be part of a new umbrella organisation, Alphabet. This organisation will also have a collection of other ventures, many of which are big bets that Google terms moonshots . This seems a drastic change for one of the most successful companies of the information era, a bellwether technology enterprise, a constant innovator, and one which has billions of people using its products. The company, which started off nearly two decades ago with the seemingly modest ambition of providing an organised gateway to all of the world s information, proved hugely effective, popular and successful. Starting as a search engine and achieving success in producing a weighted ranking of webpages, it moved on to become a market leader in webmail (Gmail), browsers (Chrome), video hosting (You Tube), news aggregation (Google News) and mobile operating systems (Android), among other products. It has been so successful in its constant ownership of the latest trends in the internet that it has even created a fear of the monopolisation of the space, as a result getting embroiled in anti-trust cases in Europe.

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