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"Nightmarish hordes beat down the doors of reality in a hunger for human (or not so human) flesh. Prepare to be assaulted by the most frightening creatures never to be conceived in mortal realms."--Blood II: The Chosen Website

In Blood II: The Chosen, rifts between our reality and the "other reality" (also called the "unknown") open up. This other rift is where the Ancient One and its creatures live. It is unknown whether these creatures are mounting an offensive attack, defending their home, or simply responding to animalistic urges. The creatures listed below inhabit this other reality, called in the Blood Wiki "Reality Beta".


A tiny spider that attaches to the victim's head and injects a poison that causes disorientation and death.

Bone Leech[edit]

A leech-like parasite that infects a human host, forcing it through the evolutionary process of Soul Drudge, Drudge Lord, Drudge Priest.


An intelligent, fast moving biped resembling an insectoid.

Death Shroud[edit]

A ghostly being resembling a grim reaper. It can phase in and out of reality.


A large dragon-like being that comes through a rift in the Cathedral. Boss of Chapter 1.


A gorilla-like stone beast that attacks through brute force. Boss of Chapter 2 and a common enemy thereafter.

Undead Chosen[edit]

Re-animated corpses of the Ophelia, Gabriella, and Ishmael.

The Ancient One[edit]

An amorphous red pulsating blob of flesh with tentacles and a single-eye. Final boss.

Fan Media Creatures[edit]

Herd Beasts (Non-Canon)[edit]

These creatures are found in How Much Time Has Passed. They are large herbivores, probably similar to mammalian herd animals such as Bison and Cattle. They have large horns and the males of the species are called Bulls. They feed upon vegetation that grows in moist valleys.

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