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Interviews with various ''Blood'' community members that was started by the now dead ''The Crypt'' website, now hosted by ''[[Planet Blood]]''.  
Interviews with various ''Blood'' community members that was started by the now dead ''The Crypt'' website, now hosted by ''[[Planet Blood]]''.  
===== Criptceeper  =====
===== [[John Carrizales|Criptceeper]] =====
Date: 15/10/2000  
Date: 15/10/2000  
Link: [http://classic-web.archive.org/web/20041105130619/http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_criptceeper.shtml http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_criptceeper.shtml]  
Link: [http://classic-web.archive.org/web/20041105130619/http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_criptceeper.shtml http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_criptceeper.shtml]
===== Mic  =====
===== Mic  =====
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== Gods 2 Interview ==
== Gods 2 Interview ==
Interview regarding the ''Gods 2'' [[List of Mods|total conversion]] project for ''[[Blood II: The Chosen]]''.
Interview regarding the ''[[List of Mods for Blood II#Gods 2|Gods 2]]'' [[List of Mods for Blood II|total conversion]] project for ''[[Blood II: The Chosen]]''.
Link: [http://classic-web.archive.org/web/20041204215411/www.planetblood.com/baytor/reactor.shtml http://www.planetblood.com/baytor/reactor.shtml]
Link: [http://classic-web.archive.org/web/20041204215411/www.planetblood.com/baytor/reactor.shtml http://www.planetblood.com/baytor/reactor.shtml]
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[[Image:Bloody Interviews.png|right|thumb|Bloody Interviews Logo]]
[[Image:Bloody Interviews.png|right|thumb|Bloody Interviews Logo]]
Humorous interviews with ''Blood'' [[:category:Characters|characters]] and elements, and interviews with Brian Goble and [[Steven Clubb|Baytor]]. The ''Bloody Interviews'' logo is that of a [[Soul Drudge]] holding a microphone, even though [[Tom Bramwell|Mugwum]] never interviewed one.  
Humorous interviews with ''Blood'' [[:category:Characters|characters]] and elements, and interviews with Brian Goble and [[Steven Clubb|Baytor]]. The ''Bloody Interviews'' logo is that of a [[Soul Drudge]] holding a microphone, even though [[Tom Bramwell|Mugwum]] never interviewed one (unless he is one).
[[User:Tchernobog/archive/boodint/|Bloody Interviews archived on the Blood Wiki]]
[[User:Tchernobog/archive/boodint/|Bloody Interviews archived on the Blood Wiki]]

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This article shows the various Blood interviews that have been conduced and posted by various websites over the years.

Bloodite of the Week[edit]

Interviews with various Blood community members that was started by the now dead The Crypt website, now hosted by Planet Blood.


Date: 15/10/2000

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_criptceeper.shtml


Date: 08/10/2000

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_mic.shtml

Björn "Darkness" Wehrhan[edit]

Date: 12/12/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_darkness.shtml

Devil's Child[edit]

Date: 07/11/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/int_devil.shtml (missing!)

-=Akimbo=- aka FireFox[edit]

Date: 25/09/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_akimbo.shtml

Kell Dragon[edit]

Date: 18/09/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_kell.shtml


Date: 01/08/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_winkus.shtml

the CROW aka Dark Caleb[edit]

Date: 26/07/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_darkcaleb.shtml


Date: 18/07/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_jarmo.shtml


Date: 12/07/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_tronicmind.shtml


Date: 05/07/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_outz.shtml


Date: 28/06/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_undertaker.shtml


Date: 21/06/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_brook.shtml


Date: 13/06/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_deicide.shtml


Date: 06/06/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_rog3d.shtml


Date: 31/05/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_mugwum.shtml


Date: 24/05/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_guzz.shtml

Dave53 [Eleven][edit]

Date: 19/05/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_dave53.shtml


Date: 12/05/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_headhunter.shtml


Date: 02/05/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_rhnegative.shtml


Date: 26/04/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_mt.shtml


Date: 18/04/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_shiftk.shtml


Date: 11/04/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_revenant.shtml


Date: 04/04/1999

Creator of the FX Enhancer mod for Blood II.

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_tren_uk.shtml


Date: 28/03/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_shnag.shtml


Date: 25/03/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_infern0.shtml


Date: 15/03/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_reactor.shtml


Date: FX 08/03/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_jester.shtml


Date: 28/02/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_natas.shtml


Date: 21/02/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_milamber.shtml


Date: 14/02/1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/botw/int_gabriel.shtml

Jerk, Illusions Software.[edit]

Interview with Jerk by Joel "Reactor" Blackwell on his efforts towards the MAIM add on.

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/int_maim.shtml

Tequila Software[edit]

Interview with Peter Hopkins regarding Blood II: Revelations.

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/interviews/phopkins.shtml

Gods 2 Interview[edit]

Interview regarding the Gods 2 total conversion project for Blood II: The Chosen.

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/baytor/reactor.shtml

Bloody Interviews by Tom Bramwell (Mugwum)[edit]

Bloody Interviews Logo

Humorous interviews with Blood characters and elements, and interviews with Brian Goble and Baytor. The Bloody Interviews logo is that of a Soul Drudge holding a microphone, even though Mugwum never interviewed one (unless he is one).

Bloody Interviews archived on the Blood Wiki

Mmm, Handy! (Hell Hand)[edit]

An interview with a Hell Hand, and the trouble of communication when you are only a hand.

Date: April 20th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood/hand.shtml

History (Brian Goble from Monolith Productions)[edit]

An interview with Brian Goble on his programming history and role at Monolith Productions.

Date: March 28th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/misc/goble.shtml

Conspiracy! (Baytor from Planet Blood)[edit]

An interview with Baytor on a secret conspiracy between GameSpy and Monolith Productions for world conquest.

Date: March 14th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/misc/baytor.shtml

Exposed? (Gremlin)[edit]

An interview with a Gremlin from the then upcoming Blood II: The Chosen expansion pack The Nightmare Levels, a manically depressed and paranoid one. Or is it a Gremlin?

Date: March 7th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood2/gremlin.shtml

Bite Me (Rat)[edit]

An interview with a Rat from Blood, with a mafioso perspective.

Date: February 28th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood/rat.shtml

The Bad Man (Gideon)[edit]

An interview with Gideon, as portrayed by Jay Wilson. The interview has an indefinite setting for Blood, the precise date is the year 1928.

Date: February 21st 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood2/gideon.shtml

Slice and Deice (Bloated Butcher)[edit]

An interview with a Butcher who was once an Irish farmer, on its life and job.

Date: February 14th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood/butcher.shtml

Shouta Youa! (Gabriella)[edit]

An interview with Gabriella on her battle skills and crusade against CabalCo.

Date: February 7th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood2/gabby.shtml

Did You Hear That? (Mime)[edit]

An interview with a Mime on his recovering illness, also demonstrating the trouble of visual communication.

Date: January 31st 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood/mime.shtml

2 Heads, No Brain (Cerberus)[edit]

An interview with Cerberus on its life and duties.

Date: January 24th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood/cerberus.shtml

A Man With No Name (Cultist)[edit]

An interview with a cultist on it's job and its rather freakish life.

Date: January 17th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood/cultist.shtml

The Tip of The Wing (Gargoyle)[edit]

An interview with a gargoyle that demonstrates how blood thirsty they are.

Date: January 10th 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/blood/gargoyle.shtml

A Smaller World (Little Caleb)[edit]

An interview with a Little Caleb and the troubles of life as a mirror form of the undead warrior.

Date: January 3rd 1999

Link: http://www.planetblood.com/bloodint/plasma/lilcaleb.shtml

Bloodite Interviews by Tchernobog[edit]

The Wallflower[edit]

Interview with the Wallflower on his fan fiction and Blood.

Format: Open Document, Word Document, Text


Interview with Psyren on Blood TC, ZBlood and Blood.

Format: Open Document, Word Document, Text


Interview with Squall85 on The Flesh Game and Blood.

Format: Open Document, Word Document, Text

Ken Silverman[edit]

Interview with Ken Silverman on Build and Blood.

Format: Open Document, Word Document, Text

Note: another short interview with Silverman was posted on the Bloodline website on July 28, 2014.


Interview with Wangho on Bloody Pulp Fiction and various Blood topics.

Format: Open Document, Word Document, Text

Dwayne Anderson[edit]

Interview with Dwayne Anderson on Legends of the Iconoclast and various Blood topics.

Format: Open Document, Word Document, Text

Hypertension Interview[edit]

zZaRDoZz interviews the people behind HYPERTENSION about their goals and the future of the project.

Format: Wiki Article