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"Representing the finest tool in the modern exterminating arsenal. The Insect-A-Cutioner uses Cabalco brand 'Die, Bug, Die!' industrial bug spray. This spray is extremely toxic, and should not be exposed to skin. In the event of skin exposure, consult a mortician. It is also extremely flammable, and should be kept at room temperature at all times."--Blood II: The Chosen Manual

The Insect-A-Cutioner is a weapon in Blood II: The Chosen that fires bug spray or flames. The spray is a creation of CabalCo and fires a stream of industrial bug spray that is extremely toxic and flammable. It has very good damage and rate of fire, but a very short range.

AMMO TYPE: Die-Bug-Die canisters
REGULAR FIRE: Fires a stream of acidic bug spray
ALTERNATE FIRE: Flips the spray can over, pointing the stream over the lighter, creating a flame thrower that fires at a faster rate