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"When Tchernobog was defeated in the Hall of Epiphany, He was forced to return to His own realm. The power and rage released by Caleb while fighting the Dreaming god was partly absorbed, and had allowed Tchernobog to lay dormant gathering energy to follow on with His plan to open the Gateway- the connection between the realms of the living and the damned. Would Caleb be able to stop the revived Daemon Tchernobog?" — Official description

Inherit the Earth is an earlier add-on by Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley, later creator of Hostile Takeover (2001, 2013) and much later of Death Wish (2011, 2017-2020), from 1999 that comprises of three episodes, plus a short secret fourth. The batch file was last modified on November 23, 1999.


"I had some single player and Bloodbath maps that I decided I'd modify into a larger add-on in 1999 called Inherit the Earth. Enter Caleb (ite-e1m1), Fortress of the Gate (ite-e1m4), Station Invasion! (ite-e2m3), Midnight Express (ite-e2m4), Last Defense (ite-e3m2), and The Final Battle (ite-e3m3) are the only totally original maps in the pack — everything else was old content that I changed up a bit. Here I was learning about making damage sectors and timing events with toggle switches to create some more advanced effects, but the levels themselves were still pretty basic. " — Dustin Twilley, January 19, 2016

Episode 1: The Gate Between Worlds[edit]

Episode 1: The Gate Between Worlds

  • ITE-E1M1: Enter Caleb
  • ITE-E1M2: Crimson Dawn
  • ITE-E1M3: Unholy Trenches
  • ITE-E1M4: Fortress of The Gate


Episode 2: A Light in the Darkness[edit]

Episode 2: A Light in the Darkness

  • ITE-E2M1: Return to Ruin
  • ITE-E2M2: Risen in Arms
  • ITE-E2M3: Spirit Invasion
  • ITE-E2M4: Midnight Express


Episode 3: Inherit the Earth[edit]

Episode 3: Inherit the Earth

  • ITE-E3M1: Spirit Mansion
  • ITE-E3M2: Last Defense
  • ITE-E3M3: The Final Battle


Episode 4: :D Secret Levels :D[edit]

Episode 4: :D Secret Levels :D

  • ITE-E4M1: Da' Body Count
  • ITE-E4M2: Da' Lab


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