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Infuscomus is a song on the Blood CD-Audio soundtrack, written by Guy Whitmore and Daniel Bernstein. It is 4:36 long and is track number 5 on the Blood CD.

The song is used as background music on the following levels:

The singing that can be heard is the French nursery rhyme "Promenons-nous dans les bois", that goes:

  • Promenons nous dans les bois
  • pendant que le loup n'y est pas
  • si le loup y était
  • il nous mangerait

Which translate to:

  • Let's wander within the woods
  • while there's no wolf around
  • if a wolf was here
  • it would eat us

Infuscomus comes from the latin word infusco which means to darken or corrupt.


These are the midis that Blood uses as substitute music when CD audio is not present.

  • cblood2 (2 instances)
  • cblood5 (3 instances)
  • cblood7 (4 instances)