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{{#ev:youtube|ZqHGoR9zmtE|320|right|"Blood: The Way of Ira 0.9 ([[BuildGDX]]) - E1M8 Lakeside Genocide - No Commentary All Secrets" ([[pagb666]]) - [[YouTube]]|frame}}
{{level_stats|designer=MariusArmand|song=1 (CD-Audio), cblood2 (MIDI)|1=TBD|2=TBD|3=TBD|4=TBD|5=TBD|secrets=4}}
Out of these 1745 very few keywords are ranking on page 1 of search engines.
'''Lakeside Genocide (IE1M08 or IRA08)''' is the secret level of the ''[[Blood]]'' [[List of Mods for Blood|fan add-on]] ''[[The Way of Ira]]'' (2019). It is set within a lakeside town that is also engulfed in the tumult of purge night, including victims being whisked off in rail cars.
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== Walkthrough  ==
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{{quote|quotation="Caleb finds himself passing through a town that just got purged. The Cabal have completely taken over, violently, sparing nobody. Nothing that can't be settled by rage."|attributedTo=Official description}}
Caleb arrives at a sprawling lakeside town, showing the full extent of purge night as the Cabal slaughter and torment from all sides and corners. Collecting a key to access a liquor store, he then discovers rail cars full of prisoners at the train tracks, then moves on to the police station, library, a restaurant, and finally a spider-infested dwelling.
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== Enemies Present  ==
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== Weapons Available ==
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== Fun Stuff ==
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*The concept of a lakeside town is also the setting of [[DWE3M4: Bogey Beach]] from ''[[Death Wish]]'' (2011).
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