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Sprite Sheet

"These spider-like menaces would love nothing more than to get their fingers around your throat and squeeze. Watch for them scuttling along walls and ceilings. The last thing you need is a handshake from one of these fiends."--Blood Beastiary

The Hand (also known as Hand from Hell, or Choking Hand) are common enemies in Blood and Blood II. They are small disembodied hands that attack by leaping up and choking the player until he asphyxiates. The player must repeatedly and very quickly press the use key, the space bar, to disengage the hand, and then shoot it before it springs back. They move by walking on fingers,like Thing from the The Addams Family, and repeat "I'll swallow your soul!" in a high pitched voice, as a reference to the Evil Dead trilogy.

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Mule: 拢45, 拢42 Skelgill House; 拢45 The Barn; 拢45 Sanders Close; 拢43 Chapel Farm; 拢42.50 The Bog; 拢41 The Barn; 拢40.80 Finney Green Cottage. l Liz and Simon are already inside, and he destroys their mobile phones so that they can't call for help. Eventually, they break free 鈥?but not until Dan has informed Simon of his adoptive mother's past as a prostitute, something that may have terrible repercussions later. <a href=http://www.michaelkorsbags.me/>Michael Kors Outlet</a> For details on other things to see and do in the area, see or call (800) 236-3649. Jill Anna Ponasik makes shows that are as fun and budget-conscious as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the music. 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