G1M6: Darkwinter

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"Blood: Banzai's Addon (BloodGDX) - E1M6 Darkwinter - All Secrets" (pagb666) - YouTube
"BLOOD - Banzai expansion - e1m6" (Emmanuel EXE) - DOSBox - YouTube

Darkwinter (G1M6) is the sixth and final level of the Blood fan add-on Banzai's Add-On (1998). It is a multi-layered level that starts out on a mountain peak, and also features a mining complex and a cottage village among other locales.

Level Designer: John "KASAI" Leonard

Song Track: 9 - Pestis Cruento (CD-Audio), None (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking TBD
Pink on the Inside TBD
Lightly Broiled TBD
Well Done TBD
Extra Crispy TBD
Number of Secrets


"You start off at the end of the snow cave and find yourself walking a narrow ledge. You will meet some spiders but just jump over them and continue on. You will see a crashed airplane with some goodies there. Look up and you may see the key up on the cliff. Make yourself up to the castle on the top of the mountain. You will notice it is locked. You will need to jump from several snow drifts to the side cliff...work yourself all the way down and jump to get the key. Once inside the castle, you will meet 2 ugly boss spiders. However, you can avoid them by jumping up on that platform where the spiders came from and you will see a symbol. Just walk over it and some stairs will appear for you to go up. Go upstairs and run to the other side to the switch. Turn it on and the doors will open. Once inside, find some explosives and look for the crack in that same corner area. Use the explosives and you shall see the wall open up to the outside and reveal the key. Use this key to open up the gate to the lava pits. From there, go to the right. There should be a crate full of explosives. Near there, toward the lava area is a switch. Turn it and you will see a wall come down to show a locked door. Explore the lava pits and you will come across a hanging man. Near the man is a cave entrance on the far side. Once entered you will take the elevator to the railroad tracks and on to the outside area. Cross the other bridge and return back to the tracks. Go to the very end and turn around. You will see a switch to use. Go to the round oven building and turn that switch. In the middle of the flames is the key. Go back to the lava area and find your way to the locked door. The key will open the door. Go outside and go down to the dark caves at the bottom of the ridge. In this maze, you will find a door. If you time it correctly, you can run while the door is opening and get the key and run back before it closes. Go back outside and go to an entrance with skeletons around. Open the door. When you enter the snow village, take a right and down to the grill building. Open the door and go inside. Go back outside and across the street. The key will be on the moving lift. Take that key and go to the other end of the village, below the bridge. There should be a door with 2 torches. Open this door. Go up to the top. You will see 2 switches. Turn both switches to on. As you go back down the stairs, you will see a new corridor. You may want to explore this area. Also, you can jump from the window to the top cliffs. This is the secret area. Now, go to the hotel. This door should be open now. Go inside and you will see a switch. Turn this switch to let Tchernobog come out of the village castle. Fight to end the Game!!!"--Official walkthrough

Ascending the peak further, Caleb happens upon a mining complex where he again faces trials of ice and fire, defeating a number of spider queens. Robbing a key from a tomb filled with rats and the undead, Caleb enters a small town signed "Hell is Here" wherein the final battle with Tchernobog awaits him.

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