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"Blood: Banzai's Addon (BloodGDX) - E1M2 Passage to Hell - All Secrets" (pagb666) - YouTube
"BLOOD - Banzai expansion - e1m2" (Emmanuel EXE) - DOSBox - YouTube

Passage to Hell (G1M2) is the second level of the Blood fan add-on Banzai's Add-On (1998). It takes place in subterranean caverns and an underground stream.

Level Designer: Justin "Jet" Otto

Song Track: 7 - Waiting For The End (CD-Audio), None (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking TBD
Pink on the Inside TBD
Lightly Broiled TBD
Well Done TBD
Extra Crispy TBD
Number of Secrets


"You begin in the church where level 1 ended. It is but a mockery of it’s former self, burnt out, blood flowing from the cross. A ragged hole now joins this once sacred place with the unholy world below. You must go there. But first, take the life-seed from the cross. You will need it. After jumping through the hole, you may wish to partake of the life essence in the wall behind you. Continue your journey, and a small rock avalanche will block off any idea you had of retreat. You will reach a green, polluted river. If you happen to fall into it, fear not, for at the very end of this river where your progress is barred, there is a teleport hidden in the darkness. After crossing the bridge you will come to a locked ‘door’. Ignore this for the moment and climb the rock steps to an open cavern. Be prepared to do some shooting! Having defeated the monsters, there is now only one way to go. Climb the rocks where the cultists were and go through the hole in the wall. After a few unsuccessful attempts to walk to the end of this tunnel, you may wish to first spread a few remote detonators around! Blow open the end of this tunnel. Two holes open up. U can go through either. The one on the left takes you to the area above the cavern, where a few medicine pouches await you. From there you can jump into the river. Or you can jump straight in from the right-hand hole. If you swim up the river, you will see lighted windows. There is no access from here. Swim down and land on the small mud beach. Kill the zombies and climb through the small hole in the wall. Once at the end of this tunnel, pick up the ammo and jump off the ledge into the green pool. You can see a key in a hole, high up and inaccessible. If you like, explore this big cave first, but sooner or later you will need the key. The three ‘eyes’ on the ground are the answer to the puzzle... Now the key is attainable. You will search in vain now for an exit to this room. There is no exit....yet. When the stairs begin to return to the ground, be ready, for out of the pools will arise your foe. After a certain period, a hole will blow in the wall of the cave. If you are facing in the same direction as you were when jumping from the ledge (and this direction is North), then the hole will appear in the North-East wall. Climb in and travel the elevator to the top. Blow open the wall, climb out, and open the door now that u have the key. You will reach another open area where a mud building stands. On the right are three switches, guarded by cultists. You will need to find a key for each switch. Go inside the building, climb the stairs. In the room with crates, you will find one of the keys.... Climb more stairs to the top room. You will find another key here... Once the key is revealed, run and find a safe spot. If you stand in the arch by the first switch outside, you should be safe, and you can watch the show! Once the wall has blown open, go towards the blue light. Here you’ll find the final key. Now, activate all the switches. You’ll see a message: “Your fate lies in the middle of the rainbow.” If you remember you high school science, you’ll know that the colors in a rainbow are always ROYGBIV. The middle of the rainbow is therefore green. What is green in this level? ...You should now be at the beginning of level 3."--Official walkthrough

Once inside, Caleb immediately finds the tunnel by which the Cabal encroached upon his home and descends down into the intricately cavernous depths adjacent to the underground river, seemingly being toxified by an immense subterranean creature. Finally he raids a fortress cleaved into the rock, grabbing the necessary keys and outrunning a torrent of flame. This allows him to open the gate at the bottom of the stream, tossing him down into the abyss.

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Fun Stuff[edit]

  • This level's working title was "The unholy cathedral", and had the description: "Enter this level to enter the underground domain of hell"

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