Fire Pod

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Fire Pod


Fire Pod

Game Apperances: Blood Plasma Pak
Affiliation: Cabal

Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 90
Pink on the Inside 132
Lightly Broiled 196
Well Done 244
Extra Crispy 324

Fire Pods or Magma Chrysalid Pods are one of the enemies featured only on the Plasma Pak expansion for Blood. Notably, other than the Hell Hound and the Cerberus, this is the only enemy able to set Caleb on fire.

They look exactly like Chrysalid Pods, but are red and rarer. Their roots reach down to the bowels of the earth, so instead of spitting acid, they spit napalm balls which explode. They are first encountered in They Are Here near the end of the level, and later appear in the magma areas of The Ruined Temple or The Dungeon.