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Image gallery of all of the Blood fan artwork on the Blood Wiki.

Missing Files:

  • "Versus"
  • "Comic" or "Blood: Journey to Damnation" Part Three: High Quality
  • Artwork by Dark Caleb 21st Picture: High Quality.

The Shogo Sub-Section hosts Shogo: MAD fan art in the category: "Shogo Fan Artwork".

Note: all of the images shown here are used under the ideal of honouring the work of fan artists by making their work available from one central gallery, something that also has the added benefit of preserving their work for future posterity. We do not wish to violate anyone's wishes as part of this effort however; if anyone would like their image removed please contact a moderator, although it really would be a great shame to take an item out of our growing collection.

Wandering Artwork

Planet Blood Artwork

Transfusion Forums Artwork

Deep Cold Grave Artwork

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The Postmortem Artwork

deviantART Artwork

My Sweet Passion Artwork

Blood Emoticons

Ultimecia's Icons

Icons created by Ultimecia and posted on The Spriters Resource Message Board.

Custom Action Figure Showcase

Bloodline Artwork

Random Artwork

Thanks to Dávid Pethõ (Final Caleb) for sending these to us!

Note: except Azreal3.png, Lego-Caleb.png, Hellen-Gill-Beast.jpg, Video-Poster.png, File:My-Blood-Comic.png French-Blood.png, What-Else.png, Build-Engine-Explosions.png, Caleb-Minecraft.png, Caleb on Behance.jpg, File:Vuvk-Animated-Caleb.gif, as well as diosoft and Heromachine 2.5's work!



Screenshot Wallpapers by Mikq2

Note: these were archived from the Transfusion Forums.

The Chosen Wallpapers by Rust

More resolution sizes available here! Note: these were archived from Planet Blood.

Karthik's Blood Website Wallpapers

Comic Strips

Note: all of these were archived from Planet Blood except Dr. Caleb.

Comics by Björn Wehrhan

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Blood: Journey to Damnation by Ron

Dr. Caleb by Shadowmanpph