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Fact Time Line

-- 1994 --
  • Ken Silverman creates the Build first person shooter engine for 3D Realms (Apogee).
-- 1995 --
  • (Approximately): QStudios begins development of Blood using the Build engine and with it set to be published by GT Interactive.
-- 1996 --
  • Duke Nukem 3D the first true Build engine game is released by 3D Realms, it showcases many styles latter apparent in Blood.
-- 1997 --
  • January 22: Monolith Productions acquires QStudios and Blood. GT Interactive is still set to publish the game.
  • March 7: Shortly after retail release, the Blood shareware version is unleashed on Blood's website.
  • Sunstorm Interactive creates and releases the expansion Cryptic Passage for Blood, it is published by WizardWorks Software.
  • August 21: Monolith Production's own Plasma Pak expansion and upgrade for Blood is released.
-- 1998 --
  • News of a sequel to Blood using the in development LithTech engine is spread by Monolith Productions to the Blood fan community.
  • September 30: Shogo: Mobile Armour Division the first LithTech engine game and Blood's upcoming sequel's sister game is released.
  • October 31: Blood II: The Chosen, the awaited sequel is released.
-- 1999 --
  • The fan ran Blood Source Campaign begins with the goal of releasing Blood's source code from Monolith Productions.
  • A similar contest was held for Blood fan art, the winner of the contest was Evil Eyes Caleb by Magna-Man with 15 total points. The runner up picture was Bad Day by Björn Wehrhan which is a two page comic strip. There where twenty one total pictures submitted by twelve people. Many more wandering pieces of fan art are hosted by Planet Blood later.
-- 2000 --
  • Most of the fan art The Chosen Wallpapers by Rust are created, with one exception being created in early 2001.
-- 2001 --
  • The Blood Source Campaign officially ends, beginning after a change in leadership. Blood remains closed source, though Build is released.
  • The fan ran QBlood project is founded to recreate Blood on the more advanced, true 3D, and free software Quake engine (it is now using the Dark Places fork). The project was started largely by members of the Blood Source Campaign. Later trademark concerns lead to it being renamed to Transfusion.
  • Rust creates another fan comic Tales of Blood: The Hunt, which was set to be continued but never was.
-- 2002 --
-- 2003 --
  • Soon after releasing the first version of Transfusion, the project team begins Transfusion II: Caleb's Awakening with the hope of creating a single-player Blood clone on the Quake II engine. The project fails, mostly due to a lack of coders. Instead work begins on adding a single-player mode to the original Transfusion.
-- 2004 --
  • Ten years since the Build engine was created.
  • June 4: the first Q3 BloodBath pack is released by Tomasz Mizerski (Predator), two more where created later assisted by of FluSyndrome and I Live Again.
  • December 21: the Wikipedia article for Blood is started by Wikster E.
-- 2005 --
  • July 14: the Wikipedia article for Blood II: The Chosen is started by Berserker79.
  • The Blood fan site Crudux Cruo is launched.
  • The first files of the Blood Music Project are created by Mark McWane, with many more to come.
  • Ten years since the original Blood's development began.
-- 2006 --
  • January 24: The first version of the fan made game Blood TC for the Doom engine is released by J. S. Graham (Psyren).
  • March 10: the Caleb Quake III Model is released by Philip Stavitsky.
  • March 24: The second and last version of Blood TC is released.
  • July: The fan made Transfusion Wallpapers are created by Dimebog, Hellen, Slink, and Willis.
  • October 30: The fan made Flash game The Flesh Game is created and uploaded to the Newgrounds flash hosting site by Tamás Tóth (Squall85).
  • Based on Blood TC, ZBlood is created and is continually updated thereafter for the Doom derivative ZDoom engine.
-- 2007 --
-- 2008 --
  • January: The Blood Wiki is founded and launched, initial writing ensues. This also leads to advances in Wikipedia's coverage of Blood.
  • March 21: the fan made Screenshot Wallpapers are released by Mikq2.
  • The Crudux Cruo fan site stops functioning.
  • Spring: the Tome of Blood, the largest collection of Blood fan fiction yet written is completed by Hamish Wilson (User:Tchernobog), with assistance from his brothers. He also releases two pieces of fan art as story illustrations, as well as an ASCII Caleb fan art piece. More Tome of Blood stories are written later.
  • July: the Blood Wiki firsts host the new series of Bloodite Interviews by Hamish Wilson, starting with Eric J, Juneau.
  • September 16: Eric J. Juneau releases Blood 2: The Unforgiven in serial format on FanFiction.net and in full version on the Blood Wiki.
  • October 31: Blood II: The Chosen to turn ten years old, as around the same time will the original LithTech engine.
-- 2009 --
  • Blood II: The Nightmare Levels to turn ten years old.