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Extra Crispy Logo
Extra Crispy

Developer: John Carrizales, Tren

Publisher: ModDB

Designer: John Carrizales

Engine: LithTech (Blood II)

Version: 4.0

Released: June 22, 2011

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: Microsoft Windows


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

Extra Crispy is a modification made for Blood II: The Chosen and The Nightmare Levels that builds on the work started in the earlier FX Enhancer modification. It consists primarily of two parts, a base tweak modification which acts much a like a game patch, and an optional "Enhancer Pack" which provides new textures and sound effects that can be used with the game.


Extra Crispy is a recent modification originally released in 2011, but it has received updates as recently as January 2012. It expands upon the work started in FX Enhancer, a modification with a similar premise that was made almost a decade earlier and hosted on the venerable Planet Blood website. Extra Crispy was initially released on June 22, 2011 by John "VGames" Carrizales, who has also made many similar tweak mods for several other older game titles. It has had three updates since then, with the most modern version being version 4.0, which was released on January 16, 2012. He has stated in the past that he has considered making one more final version, but so far no new updates have been released.

Game Changes

Extra Crispy changes many parts of Blood II's game balance. Some of the more notable changes are listed here:


Each playable character now beings the single-player campaign with their own designated weapon, alongside their already customized Knifes. The amount of Focus given to certain characters has also changed, allowing the default character of Caleb to make greater use of magic based weapons; he can now actually make use of the alternative fire mode of The Orb.

The following is what each character is now armed with at the start of the game:


Akimbo Tesla Cannons was an added feature taken from FX Enhancer

Most of the weapons in the game have received changes to how much damage they can deal, how much ammunition they require, and how quickly they can be used and fired. The Singularity Generator, Vulcan Cannon, and Insect-a-cutioner are given new alternative fire modes. Sawed-Off Shotguns and Pistols can now make use of their secondary fire modes even when used in akimbo, and Tesla Cannons and Napalm Launchers can now be used in akimbo. The Sniper Rifle has been made powerful enough to kill a Shikari in a single shot, and the Knife now becomes more powerful every time it is used, a feature mentioned in the Blood II manual but never implemented in the actual game. In addition, during the course of the regular single-player campaign players will have access to the Combat Shotgun, a weapon which was originally only available in The Nightmare Levels.


Changes have been made to certain enemies artificial intelligence, allowing Fanatics and Cultists to navigate better and giving enemies better aiming and sensing abilities as well as better hit localization. Enemies will now select and use the weapon in their inventories which is the most powerful, and which they still have the most ammunition for. Fanatics will no longer run after the player upon being mortally wounded, and will instead explode immediately after suicide screaming. All enemies have also had their strength increased, with bosses especially being imbued with greater powers. Innocents were also made permanently weak even in higher difficulties, and one can no longer gib an opponent with a bullet, only with explosions and melee attacks. Cultists, Fanatics, and Innocents also now use the artificial intelligence values for the Shikari as a reference.


Various smaller changes have also been included. The weapons tab is now part of the default HUD, permanently showing the player their current selection of weapons and available weapons slots. The field of view has been increased, making weapons seem closer to the screen. The amount of time required for Caleb to start singing when left idle is decreased, and idle times for weapon animations are significantly reduced, allowing them to play far more frequently. The game's ladder physics are also improved, especially when used in water. The distance that objects can be used from is also increased, making it easier to open doors. The fire effects for burnt flaming characters and fire rising up out of burn barrels are also changed to the ones used for the projectiles fired sometimes by Zealots. The Flashlight was also made noticeably brighter, and it and the Night Vision Goggles now last for a lot longer than they would in the original game.

Bug Fixes

Certain bugs have also been patched. Level Interstitial briefings now no longer sometimes fail to show upon level load (although they are still susceptible to someone holding down a key-press for too long). Extra Crispy also prevents most weapons or items from falling through the floor thanks to the addition of new "Lie Flat models" that almost completely fixes this problem that sometimes happened during the original game. Door sounds no longer play twice when a door opens slowly, and The Chosen now play power up pickup sounds correctly instead of after the power up runs out. A bug in the sky present during lightning was also fixed in "C1L11: The Cathedral", and a pain sound that was not previously playing and was instead making a separate clicking noise is now fixed.

Enhancer Pack

Extra Crispy Enhancer Pack compared to the original visuals

The optional Extra Crispy Enhancer Pack provides a new texture pack that contains sharpened map textures, new menu graphics, and expanded skins for all models as well as some new sound effects.

Sound Changes

The following sound effects are changed when using the Enhancer Pack:

  • The firing sound for the Pistol.
  • The firing sound for the Assault Rifle.
  • The primary and secondary firing sounds for the Submachine Gun.
  • The acid impact sound.
  • The primary and secondary firing launch sounds for the Napalm Launcher.
  • The firing sound for the Singularity Generator.
  • The firing sounds for the Howitzer.
  • The Sniper Rifle zoom and firing sounds.
  • The explosion sounds.
  • The Death Ray secondary firing sound.
  • The Life Essence pick-up sound has more bass.
  • The bullet impact sound effects for all texture types have been replaced.
  • Caleb is given several new taunts that were not available in the original game.
  • The knife no longer makes bullet ricochet noises when used on surfaces.
  • The Chosen do not speak now on their own suicide and death sounds are now short and brief.
  • Caleb now longer makes a noise while jumping.

Graphic Changes

The following graphics are changed when using the Enhancer Pack:

  • Caleb now has a red blood hand print on the back of his jacket.
  • All map textures have been sharpened to bring out more detail.
  • All model skins have been sharpened to bring out more detail.
  • All menu screens have been sharpened to bring out more detail.

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