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| Publisher    = [[:wikipedia:ModDB|ModDB]], [[Blood.Freeminded.De]]
| Publisher    = [[:wikipedia:ModDB|ModDB]], [[Blood.Freeminded.De]]
| Designer      = [[Austin Adams]]
| Designer      = [[Austin Adams]]
| Engine        = {{AddOnEngines}}
| Engine        = [[NBlood]]/[[Raze]] ([[Build]])
| Version      = Part Four
| Version      = Part Four
| Released      = [[Fact Timeline#2017|May 12, 2017]]-[[Fact Time Line#2021|July 31, 2021]]
| Released      = [[Fact Timeline#2017|May 12, 2017]]-[[Fact Time Line#2021|July 31, 2021]]

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Eviction logo

Developer: Austin Adams

Publisher: ModDB, Blood.Freeminded.De

Designer: Austin Adams

Engine: NBlood/Raze (Build)

Version: Part Four

Released: May 12, 2017-July 31, 2021

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: MS-DOS (original executable), Java VM (BloodGDX), Microsoft Windows (NBlood, Raze, Fresh Supply), Unix-like (NBlood, Raze)


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"After the destruction of Tchernabog, the remnants of the Cabal make their last-ditch attempt of hunting down and killing the Great Betrayer. Caleb has discovered a deprecated city to hide amongst. The area is filled with crime and vagrants. The perfect place to harbor his immorality. He is free to torture and feed amongst the transients. No one will be missed. Unfortunately his barbarism is short-lived as the Cabal slowly narrows in on his whereabouts. He'll need to gather as much supplies as possible at the local Mall before the Guardian demolishes it. No hidden treasures can go undiscovered. And lookout for traps throughout the city. The Cabal wont let him escape alive this time." — Plot description

"At last! The journey continues with the third level to Eviction - my add-on for Blood. In The Hive you will explore the city's underground water treatment facility with a secret passage to an archaeological site. Exploring this insect infested facility is crucial to finding key items that will help you progress. Stuck at a gas leak? Look for the gas mask! Deep within the aquifer lies an Ancient Evil ally to the Cabal. Collect all the Relics to learn its weakness. Destroy it to enter one of the last remaining Cabal Fortresses!" — Reissue plot

"BLOOD ~ Eviction [Enhanced Version]" - YouTube

Eviction (or EVICTION) is a new episode fan add-on released gradually since 2017 by Austin Adams. As of 2021, it features four single-player levels and one Bloodbath map. It features five new enemies, and custom scripting requiring either the NBlood port or its fork Raze.



The first level, "EVICTION", was originally released standalone on May 12, 2017. A pack of the first two levels, "Eviction" and "Retail Therapy", released on April 19, 2018. An additional level, "The Hive", was added with a reissue on March 12, 2020. A Bloodbath map, called "Facing Worlds" and based on Unreal Tournament, is also included. Part Four was released on July 31 2021 and featured the level "Abaddon Station".


"My intentions are creating at least 3 levels. So far I have tried to use everything I've learned with mapedit to create intelligent level design, gameplay, scripted effects, puzzles, and secrets. Everything is placed specifically and purposefully. All weapons and items are risk and reward to make the player feel like they achieved/earned what they collect. The more you explore the more gameplay you get out of this map." — Austin Adams

"I hope to eventually have enough levels for a complete episode but we'll see. It takes a lot of work and many months. With each release I plan to go back and add enhancements to the previous levels. I really do hope you guys enjoy this." — Austin Adams

"This is an add-on I have been working on for Blood. As of now it contains 3 extremely detailed single player levels and 1 multiplayer level that is a recreation of Facing Worlds from Unreal Tournament. I would eventually like to complete an entire episode... Everything is 100% vanilla so it should work in DOS, NBlood, and BloodGDX. Fresh Supply did not code the entire game so some features might be broken but still playable. To run the addon just extract the contents directly into the Blood folder and use EVICT.INI to launch. NBlood is preferable." — Austin Adams

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