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E2M4 map layout

The Overlooked Hotel (E2M4) is the fourth level of the second episode in Blood. It resembles a large hotel complete with a reception area, guestrooms and accommodations, and secret passageways in the walls. If the player collects five tomes, a portal to the secret level, E2M9: Thin Ice, will be open.

Level Designer: Kevin Kilstrom & Craig Hubbard

Song Track: 9 - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (CD-Audio), cblood1 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 91
Pink on the Inside 102
Lightly Broiled 136
Well Done 170
Extra Crispy 190
Number of Secrets
17 (see note)


The Overlooked Hotel

"More hedge mazes. Find your way through it, and you find a wide opening flanked by gargoyle statues. Thankfully, that's the end of hedges on this level. Just keep going forward, and you find yourself at the Overlooked Hotel. Enter, go up the far staircase on your right, and grab the Skull key over to your left. Jump back down quickly to avoid the fireball, enter the Skull key door to your left, and grab the Fire key. Go back up the same stairs, turn left again, and enter the first door on your right. Walk across the library, turn left, and enter the other half of the library. Immediately to your left is a differently coloured bookcase. Push it and it lowers. Ride it up and get the first of the five tomes you need to get to the secret level. Directly in front of where you entered this room is a secret door. Push the bookcase, enter the secret passage, and turn to your right. You'll see a door on the right side of the passage. Enter it and pick up your second tome. As you leave this area, you'll see some red boards up ahead of you on the left side of the passage. Push these, and jump into the bedroom. Walk out of the bedroom, and follow the hall to your right. Around the corner, past the grandfather's clock, you see a door on your right. Enter it, and push the bookcase to collect the third tome. Leave the bedroom. Right next door is the Fire key door. Enter it, and to the room to the left is the Dagger key. Make sure you pick on the fourth tome on the nightstand. Leave the room, and walk down the spiral staircase to your right. Then walk up the staircase in front of you. You find a passageway on the right hand side that leads to the Dagger key door. Enter it and pick up the Spider key and the fifth and final tome. Return to where you entered the hotel, and face the two spiral staircases. Go up the one on your right. You'll soon enter a room with a giant skull fireplace, exit the room to your right, and follow the passage along. When you come to the wooden doors, turn to your left, and keep going. You'll come to a room with a short staircase going down to double wooden doors. Open the door, and you'll see the Moon key. Again, if you want to be boring, grab the key, find the Spider key door, and find your exit. Instead enter into the smoking star to the right of the key, and be teleported to the secret level exit. Just walk into the darkened passage in front of you to leave this level."Baytor's Guide


Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


NOTE: Although the end level stats say there are 17 total secrets, there are 19 available secrets in the level (instances where the game displays the message "A SECRET IS REVEALED").

  • In the hedge maze, there's a small pillar, near two Bloated Butchers, that will lift you to the top of the maze. Jump over the hedges to get to the secret. Reward: Box of Flares
  • At the entrance of the hotel, do not go in. Instead, go back to the stairs and jump on the ledge that encircles the courtyard. Reward: Body Armour
  • Inside, at the entrance, go straight ahead and to the left. There is a brown stone slab with a cross. Reward: Dynamite Bundles, Box of Shells
  • Inside one of the bedrooms is a bookcase that can be pushed. Reward: Tome
  • In the same room as above is a closet with Fire Armour. Jump on the bed, and a secret passage will open in the closet. Reward: Access to Secret Passage
  • At the end of the secret passage is a bathroom you can see through the mirror. Jump through the mirror. Reward: Voodoo doll
  • In one corner of a corridor is a grandfather clock. Push it to reveal a secret. Reward: Access to Secret Passage
  • At the end of the secret passage is a differently-colored wall. Push it to reveal the secret. Reward: Teleporter (avoids Spider Door)
  • Go out from the teleporter (the red wall). Reward: Teleporter
  • Before the teleporter is a secret room near the library, with a one-way peep-hole. There's also a cupboard in the room. Reward: Tome, Cloak of Invisibility
  • In one of the bedrooms, press the wall behind the headboard over the pillow. Reward: Access to secret passage
  • In the library, if you look left while standing from an outdoor direction, push the middle shelf leaning to the wall. It looks slightly different than the others. Reward: Access to Secret Passage
  • In the library is a differently-colored bookshelf that acts as a lift. Reward: Tome
  • After getting the tome above, press the wall to reveal a secret panel. Reward: Gasoline
  • From the secret above, jump to the small bookshelf. Push the wall to reveal a secret room. Reward: Drum of Bullets, Guns Akimbo, other stuff
  • There is a picture of intestines near the entrance hall. From here, the secret is from the 'first to right' stairs. Push the object and watch out for the spiders. Reward: Box of TNT, Drum of Bullets, Body Armour
  • In the Moon Key room, check out the fireplace. Reward: Dynamite Bundles, Box of Shells, Voodoo Doll, Guns Akimbo
  • Go in the Dagger Key room, where you find the Spider Key and a tome. At the far corner is a secret bookshelf. Reward: Box of TNT, Box of Shells
  • At the previous secret, look up. Reward: Doctor's Bag


Main Article: Tome In order to access the secret level, E2M9: Thin Ice, you must collect five tomes. This will create a teleporting fog in the room where the Moon Key is found. The tomes are located either in plain sight or in secrets. No tally is provided by the game if you pick these up. however a triangle mark appears on the floor of the Moon Key room for each tome collected.

  1. Near the Spider Key
  2. Near the Dagger Key
  3. Behind the bookshelf in one of the bedrooms (secret)
  4. In a hidden room near the library (secret)
  5. In the library on top of a bookshelf (secret)

Fun Stuff[edit]

See also: References in Blood

  • This level is named after the hotel in the movie The Shining. Although they are both hotels, there are no other similar attributes (the hotel in the movie does not have a secret passage central to the plot).
  • Also, in reference to The Shining, the main character of the film, Jack Torrence, can be found in the hedge maze portion of this level. Upon seeing him Caleb will say "Here's Johnny", which is one of the most well known lines from the film.
  • The Blood Team released Weekly Blood Development Updates on the 3D Realms website, and said this about this level:
    • Update: 11/18/96: The second, unnamed level will take you to a hotel suspiciously reminiscent of the Overlook from Stephen King's The Shining. Kevin will probably keel over when he sees what Craig has done to it (if he does, rest assured we'll take pictures of him lying unconscious and post them on our website).
    • Update: 11/25/96: Craig continued work on Kevin's alpine hotel level and started a war-torn city map tentatively titled "The Siege" for the registered version.

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