Drudge Lord

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Drudge Lord
Drudge Lord

"The Drudge Lord is basically a more developed version of the Soul Drudge. The Bone Leech has grown, and now pierces the arms of the victim with large, hooked limbs to allow it better control. The victim is either no longer aware, dead, or too far gone to react at this point. The Drudge Lord is larger, tougher and deadlier than the Soul Drudge, and has metal plates that it has bolted to its chest to protect the bone leech embryos inside. The Drudge Lord will attack almost any living creature, and do so spitefully. They have an extremely hostile and ill-tempered disposition, and little or no fear. Drudge Lords are not often seen working together, presumably due to their poor temperament, but they often have Soul Drudges acting as their servants."--Blood II: The Chosen Manual

The Drudge Lord is an enemy in Blood II: The Chosen. It is the second stage of metamorphosis between a Soul Drudge and Drudge Priest. In this phase, the Bone Leech has evolved within the body of the victim, growing large, hooked limbs that pierce through the flesh of its host from the inside. This allows it better control of its body. It also welds metal plates to its chest to endure more damage. At this point, the victim is no longer aware of its surroundings, too incapacitated to react, or dead.

Although the manual states that at this stage of evolution, the creature is coordinated enough to handle firearms, no Drudge Lord has been seen doing this. Instead, they attack with hooked limbs or breathing fireballs. It will not discriminate enemies and will attack any living creature, including Cabal.

The Drudge Lord is hostile and ill-tempered, quick to attack, and has little fear. Due to this, they are not typically seen with other Drudge Lords or Drudge Priests, but can be seen with other Soul Drudges, who act as servants.