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This article is about the fan website/host, for the invulnerability item from Blood see: List of Items


Name: DeathMask

Slogan: Point away from face and fire


Founded: October 19, 2002

Key People: William "Willis" Weilep

DeathMask (or Death Mask) is a Blood fan website created by William "Willis" Weilep, named after the item in Blood.

It provides general information on Blood, a community forum, user pages, and information on the author's personal Blood projects. DeathMask also hosts a Blood file server, containing official files as well as fan creations. The site's slogan is derived from Caleb's taunt "Point away from face and fire? Sounds easy enough."



  • Build XP Guide
  • DosBox Guide (Non-functional)
  • DeathMask Discussion Forum


  • What is Blood?: a description of Blood and why it is "the best PC game ever created."
  • About Me (Non-functional)
  • My Collection: Willis's large collection of Blood games and media.
  • Files: a server full of Blood files.
  • Contact Me: a link for how to contact Willis.

Transfusion Dedicated Servers[edit]

Listed dedicated servers for Transfusion. None currently active.

Build XP[edit]

Tips and tricks for running DOS based Build games on Windows XP and (potentially) later.

User Pages[edit]

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