Dark Caleb

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Dark Caleb
Example of Polvikoski's Artwork

Name: Dark Caleb

Alternate Name: the CROW

Born: 1980

Nationality: Finnish

Location: Kannus, Finland

Notable Works: Fan Artwork

Website: http://www.geocities.com/Augusta/8497/main.html

Dark Caleb is the creator of several pieces of Blood fan artwork. He created several pieces of fan artwork in various styles. Many of his artwork are screamshots of Blood II: The Chosen edited with an image program to add his own artistic inspirations to the image. He also has a few pieces of more traditional fan artwork, such as some sketches and drawings. Many of his artwork included the words "Blood III" emblazoned on them, indicating his support for a third game set in the Blood universe. According to his interview for Bloodite of the Week, he also made sound files.

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