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Nightmare (DWE3M9) is the secret level of the third episode of the add-on Death Wish, known as episode 9. It can be accessible by jumping over a water to the ledge with the gate from the liquor store and touch a green ring on a rooftop. It is set in Caleb's dream resembling many location from the two previous episode.

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 7 - Waiting for the End (CD-Audio), cblood2 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 146
Pink on the Inside 148
Lightly Broiled 148
Well Done 162
Extra Crispy 185
Number of Secrets
5 + 1 Super Secret


"Blood: Death Wish 1.4 - E3M9 Nightmare - All Secrets - UHD 4K mp4" (pagb666) - YouTube

"When you start the mission, you will notice that it resembles the beginning of Home Sweet Home. This impression will not last. Grab the ammo in the downstairs closet. There is a Gill Beast right outside the front door, so have your Shotgun ready. Behind the house, there are 3 Cultists guarding a Black Chest. Collect it and return to the front of the house, where you will notice that the environment has opened up. You will see some slanted platforms leading to a doorway you will want to cross through. The Fire Armor sitting on the platform far away is deceptively difficult to reach without falling to your death, so only go for it if you are a jumping expert! Through the door there are 2 Zombies. This is Firebelly room, followed on the left by the Jigsaw room. Make sure you go into the Rat holding cell inside the Jigsaw room to take the Doctor's Bag. There are Hell Hounds just one the other side of this wall, so do not try to jump through the opening (although you can throw some explosives). Proceed to the Furnace room with the blood-filled boiler/furnace. Wipe out the enemies - you will be returning here. Note the Moon Door in this room - you can come back here later for a Super Secret. Head outside and go through the window to the apartment bedroom. The closet has some items but grabbing them will summon a Phantasm near the bathroom. Go in the bathroom and head through the hole in the wall beside the bathtub. Note the translucent Gill Beast specter. Grab the Skull Key ahead and return to the Firebelly room.

Open the Skull Door and jump over the white flames to summon some Gill Beasts outside the room. Lead one through the Jigsaw room, through the gallery, and back to the translucent specter to open the wooden gate next to it. Carefully hop from one platform to the next until you make you way onto the floating vessel. There is a Life Essence sitting alone on a platform off to the side, but it is much easier to reach that platform than to escape it without falling to your doom. Enter the vessel's rear entryway. When you go out the front entrance of the vessel you will be fired on by several Fanatics. Beyond them lies a twisted chunk of Paradise room. To the left you will see find some Flares next to the Eye Door. Head into the hall where the Gill Beasts were gathered, go up the stairs, and turn right. You will see a large, dark room. Once you step down into the room turn right for the Voodoo Doll, then advance toward the floating stack of ghosts. When you get close they will disappear and release 2 Stone Gargoyles and some Acolytes behind you. When the Stone Gargoyles are dead, a door at the far end of the room (near where the ghosts were) will open, revealing the Eye Key. Grab it and head back to the Eye Door inside the Paradise room.

Follow the invisible walkway and you will end up back in the area where you just defeated the Stone Gargoyles, only now a new area directly across from you will be open. There is a small troop of varied Cultists who will begin their assault, so ready your long-range weapon of choice. You will find that this new area is like the rear castle entrance. When you approach the floating demon in the distance it will transform into many Gargoyles and Zealots. Inside the castle you will see a white ghost of Caleb. When you get close it will transform into a swarm of Tiny Calebs, so you may want to chuck a dynamite bundle at it. Go left into the cave. Move forward until you reach a giant face in the darkness which will carry you to the next mission."--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • In Jigsaw room (the room that looks like the beginning of E1M5), jump into the red bathtub on the left. Reward: Body Armor
  • In the furnace room with the Hell Hounds, hop in the boiler and press on one of the walls to open a niche (this time it won't burn you so rest assured). Reward: Cloak of Invisibility
  • In the vessel's rear entryway, break the windows near the entrance to the right. Outside is a ledge. Reward: Reflective Shots
  • In the rear castle entrance, jump up the ascending string of pillars just like you already did to find the secret level of this episode. Then go through the opening and defeat the Gargoyle. Reward: Tesla Charges x3, Trapped Soul
  • Again in the same room, go to the lit side of the cross in the middle then hit the switch where the 2 beams meet. This lowers a platform on the left side of the castle entrance. Reward: Life Seed
  • SUPER-SECRET - In the Paradise room, jump up to the windowsill opposite the Eye key Door. If you look across to the wall (on the top of the area where you used to get in to hit the Water Gate switch) you will see an opening with the Moon Key inside. Grab the key and hit the switch on the wall, which will reveal a teleporter. Enter the teleporter and you will be transported back to the Moon Door in the Furnace room. Go through the Moon Door and collect everything you can in the area with red snow. You�ll see a cross outside the wall in this section. Next to it is another teleporter, but this one will take you back to the Paradise room. Reward: Napalm Launcer, Super Armour, Remote Detonators x8, Doctors Bag, Box of TNT x2, Box of Shells x2

Fun Stuff[edit]

  • Note that there is so many links to the two previous episode, that's because what the level is and some familiar area may help you find the secret more easily.
  • The level also contain the spaceship from DWE2M2: Out to Launch, but instead of what it used to be before, it is now unreachable and the designer said that it is there to make the level beautiful.

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