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Inferno (DWE3M6) is the sixth level of the third episode of the add-on Death Wish, known as episode 9. It is largely set in a lava soaked complex, guarded finally by a sacrifice-hungry Cerberus no less, before having to crawl through the acidic insides of an all too familiar flesh temple.

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 2 - Pestis Cruento (CD-Audio) pestis (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 184'
Pink on the Inside 184'
Lightly Broiled 184'
Well Done 208'
Extra Crispy 208'
Number of Secrets


"Blood: Death Wish 1.4 - E3M6 Inferno - All Secrets - UHD 4K" (pagb666) - YouTube

"Run out of the cave and take the long elevator ride down. Jump in the lake and swim under the waterfall. You will reach a new area with 2 pools (they connect underwater). You may want to hop out from the far pool since you will emerge from the water behind some foes rather than in their sights (you can also toss some dynamite to eliminate them out of your way before emerging out from the water, which will save you a lot of health). This area outside of the water pools will be called "Pool Room". Hit the switch at the large gate where the Hell Hounds are trapped. If you are low on ammo simply lure them into the water. The room by the lift has two switches: One to lower the spikes around the lift and the other to raise/lower the elevator. Ride the lift down to the next area. There are many Cultists and Acolytes to dispose of on the walkway ahead, but most importantly is the Mother Spider. One well placed explosive attack will send her flying into the lava, killing her instantly and saving you a lot of ammunition. I suggest a normal dynamite toss directly in front of her (it may take a few tries to get her airborne). The path ends in a temple structure with several openings and the gateway to underworld (in the center of that giant mouth). We will call this structure "Fire Hub". On the left side of Fire Hub you will come to a window. From there you should be able to jump to a broken-up brick walkway. Enter the room at the end of the path and grab the Skull Key off the throne. Return to the Pool Room via the lift, which will be guarded by some newly arrived Acolytes. Go straight ahead to the Skull Gate. Tchernobog, who stands in your path, will spawn some gargoyles. Past the gate there are 2 paths. Either way will lead you where you need to go, which is a long walkway with some Fanatics at one end. There is a small pool along this walkway. Jump in and grab the Eye Key. This will summon a Zombie horde outside the Skull Gate. You are now done with the Pool Room areas for the mission, so fight through the Zombies at the Skull Gate and return to Fire Hub. From Fire Hub, go back to the room with the throne where you got the Skull Key. On the right side near the lava you will see the Eye Switch. Use your Eye Key and the nearby platforms will start to move around. The lava will kill you instantly so time your jumps well to reach the room across the way. Grab the Dagger Key in the room beyond the platforms then return to Fire Hub. Go to the right side of Fire Hub and open the Dagger Gate. Cross the invisible bridge and obtain the Fire Key. Return to Fire Hub and use the Fire Key to open the central gateway to the Underworld section inside the mouth. Jump in. You will see 2 blue representations of creatures called "specters". You will need to lead a creature of that type to the space. There are 2 ways to go down here. They are mirrors of each other, except one side is used to summon Zombies and the other Gill Beasts. Go to the Gill Beast path. There will be a pack of Cultists and Acolytes at the end of the orange-lit hallway. As you go around the corner you will see a river of sludge and a statue on the other side. Get near the statue to summon the creature. You will see the summoned creature as you make your way back to the main area with the specters. Lure the creature over the correct specter space and explosions will kill it instantly. Repeat this process on the Zombie path. Once you have completed the task for both path the mouth wall will open, releasing some Hell Hounds and Cerberus. Inside the mouth there is an elevator down to the temple of flesh, but it will not work until Cerberus is defeated. When he is dead, go down the elevator and go through the wind tunnel. You will be spit out into a vat of goo. When you emerge from the goo, get onto the shore and step into the space with the flickering light. The bone pillars will split, allowing you to go left or right. You will need to hit a switch at the end of each path. Go left and soon you will come to a strange room with a transforming pit. Do not fall in! Trick the Zombies into falling down to their deaths if you wish and hit the skull shaped switch on the opposite side. Return to the flickering light. Go up the right path. You will come to 3 blood pools. Jump in one, then head through the right-side tunnel. Emerge from the blood and head forward through the self-dividing passage to reach the second of the two switches. Return to the flickering light, using the blood tunnel on the right as you journey back. The exit from the temple will now be available. Step onto the tongue and the mouth will open, revealing an open area with a boat as well as a few Cultists and Fanatics. When you get out to the boat, go into the water to grab the Moon Key. When you have the Moon Key, turn the steering wheel on the boat to end the mission."--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present[edit]

' - max number of enemies varies due to Mother Spider's spawning ability

Weapons Available[edit]


  • Inside the Pool Room (the yellow-ish room with 2 pools of water connected), at one point you'll see the Hell Hound behind the gate. Face the large Hell Hound gate and turn right. The 4th pillar by the water has a bloody handprint for you to press on one side. Reward: Life Seed
  • Inside the temple beyond the Mother Spider, searching around the right side where Fanatics hide behind each pillar. One of the stone faces on a pillar is greenish instead of completely gray. Press it to open a panel nearby to your left. Reward: Box of Shells, Gasoline Can, Asbestos Armour
  • Inside the room with the shining yellow light, past the small pool with the Eye key, and some stairway, where many Cultists hiding, take a pathway into a room with bookshelves and Hell Hound. Then lower the middle bookshelves on your right by pressing on it, and hit the switch behind it to open the wall on the opposite side. Reward: Fire Armour
  • From the same area, lower that bookshelf again, only this time leap from that bookshelf as it rises to the bookshelf across from it and to the outside of the window. Reward: Cloak of Invisibility
  • Behind the Dagger key gate, past the invisible bridge, and to your left is some lava stream and a sandy area. Jump to there from where you get the Fire Key, then crouch down and you will find a small tunnel leading to a Hell Hound nest. Reward: Tesla Cannon, Tesla Charge, Key 7, Life Essence (attack the dead body) (NOTE: This secret only count in version 1.4 of Death Wish)
  • In the underworld section, where you will have to lead a creature of two types to the space to open the mouth, go to the Gill Beast path. To the left of Gill Beast statue is a stone engraving. Break it apart and you will be given access to a secret room. Reward: Life Leech
  • If you are in the goo, face the direction of the wind tunnel you just came out from and swim underwater to the right, you will find a secret tunnel under the goo (watch out for Gill Beasts and Bone Eels). Reward: Box of Shells, Remote Detonators x4, Shells x4, Cloak of Invisibility
  • In the final room with some Cultists, Fanatics, and a boat. Jump over the water and onto the stone walkway on the opposite side, then turn left and head into the water behind the metal bars. Reward: Access to secret level (NOTE: This secret only count in version 1.4 of Death Wish)

Fun Stuff[edit]


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