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Duck and Cover (DWE3M5) is the fifth level of the third episode of the add-on Death Wish, known as episode 9. It is set in a town (possibly a town in France) during an air raid with lots of battleground and minefields.

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 9 - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble (CD-Audio), cblood3 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 192
Pink on the Inside 192
Lightly Broiled 197
Well Done 211
Extra Crispy 213
Number of Secrets


"Blood: Death Wish 1.4 - E3M5 Duck & Cover - UHD 4K mp4" (pagb666) - YouTube

"Grab the Flare Pistol and wait for the door to get destroyed. Go outside where you will see the fortified shoreline. Swim to shore and kill the Hell Hounds. Head into town for the first big battle. Enter the building with the hole in the side from an air strike. Get the Skull Key, grab the TNT from the area where Zombies emerge, and then leave the structure. Go straight ahead past the gates. Do not get near that red beeping box - it is a powerful, armed proximity mine! Lure the Zombies lurking nearby to it. Grab the Doctor's Bag in the phone area then head to the ticket booth for the museum. Get in the booth and use your Skull Key on the switch to unlock the elevator. Ride up to the museum. The great hall of the museum is littered with Fanatics. After you kill one of the Cultists at the front desk they will start to scurry around from their hiding places behind the pillars. When you get to the big Tchernobog statue take a left into the middle gallery. Stairway entrances on the left will lead to the upper gallery and slideway entrances at both side (where two Cultists hiding) will lead to lower gallery. Descend to the lower gallery. Midway down the hall you will see a Tome and Moon Key. Take it and fight your way back upstairs. Go to the upper gallery. In the center of the upper gallery you can open the Moon Barrier to obtain the Eye Key. Take it and head back to the statue in the great hall. Go up the stairway and descend the ramp created by a fallen building. As you go down, you will see some enemies to the right. One drops Guns Akimbo, which you may want for the firefight coming up. At the bottom of the building-ramp to the right you will have another battle. Watch out for the hidden Cultists in the alleys between buildings. When the battlefield is clear open the Eye Door and get the Fire Key. Go back up the building-ramp, continue through the great hall, and take the elevator back down to the ticket booth area.

Turn right and use the Fire Key to enter the brick building. There is Hell Hound right around the corner so toss some explosives ahead of you before entering. Climb up the wreckage and jump atop the slanted ledge of the adjacent building. At the slanted ledge you will see a window you can jump through. Do so, then take the elevator hidden behind the wall down to the bomb shelter. Get the Dagger Key from the back room and escape the bomb shelter before it goes up in smoke. Take the Dagger Elevator to the top floor. Tchernobog is going to spawn some pests if you get close to be sure to throw an explosive his way first. Take the Spider Key and make your way outside the building down to the area near the phone where Zombies are now running around. Use the Spider Key on the radio next to the wall to call in an air strike. The explosion will destroy the wall by the phone, allowing you to reach the minefield. If you get close to one of the gray boxes you will take major (if not lethal) damage, so shoot or bomb them ahead of time. You will see a hole in the rock wall across the minefield that you will need to reach. Enter it and you will be on your way to the next mission."--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • At the beginning, shortly after the door exploded, shimmy around the ledge of the boat to the back and lower the shutter for a reward. Reward: Remote Detonators x4, Flare Gun
  • Again from the starting point, when you approach the shore to the entrance of the town, you'll see an Acolyte wandering around atop a tiny guard post on the beach. Hop from the wall to the tank deterrent to his platform. Reward: Body Armour
  • The first building on the corner to your right when you first head into the town (for a battleground) can be entered by jumping off the waste bin. Once up there, press the bookshelf. Reward: Reflective Shots
  • After you've done dealling with a lot of foes inside the town mentioned above, go behind the building that has toppled over (looks more like a rock formation) near the water. To the left is a secret. Reward: Basic Armour, Shells x16 (4 intervals)
  • Press on the middle paintings on the left side of the upper gallery to moved it down. Reward: Fire Armour, Proximity Detonator x6
  • Up on the building-ramp, to the right is where you have to go for another battle beyond the Eye key, to the left is a stone ledge. Walk along that ledge and descent to a narrow cliff to the left of the ramp. Reward: Life Leech
  • When the second battlefield is clear, at the up-to-left corner is the path to go behind the long building with the vent on top (watch out for the armed mines laying on the ground). Reward: Napalm Launcher, Bullets x60 (15 intervals)
  • At the slanted ledge of the building near the Hell Hounds inside the Eye key, jump from the pillars you first see or from one of the smoking pipes next to the pillars into the exposed, upper-level apartment hallway. Out on the ledge next to it (near where the wall was destroyed earlier in the level when you first saw the beeping mine) is a reward that should be smart enough to get it last for next level. Reward: Life Seed
  • From the same area, use Jump Boots to alternatively reach the upper window area or jump on the other, higher pillars mentioned above, then leap from there to the open window where the glass has been shattered Reward: Doctor's Bag
  • Inside the bomb shelter, before grabbing the Dagger Key, there is a shelf you can press on the right as you go through the wrecked doorway. Reward: Gasoline Can, Box of Flares, Tesla Charge, Shells, Trapped Soul, Drum of Bullets

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