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The Black Tower (DWE2M8) is the eighth level of the second episode of the add-on Death Wish, known as episode 8. It resembles the black tower with some nasty battlegrounds.

Level Designer: Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley

Song Track: 3 - Unholy Voices (CD-Audio), UNHOLY (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking 244
Pink on the Inside 244
Lightly Broiled 245
Well Done 284
Extra Crispy 300
Number of Secrets


"Blood: Death Wish 1.4 - E2M8 The Black Tower - All Secrets - UHD 4K" (pagb666) - YouTube

"Grab the weaponry to the left after you exit the cave and head through the rest of the forest. When you emerge from the trees you will be able to see the black tower and the battleground that lies before it. There are 2 battalions out here: One in the center that will engage you immediately and a second that will approach when you get closer to the tower. Also in the center is Tchernobog, who will summon a batch of Zombies when you get close enough to the tower. Save your Tesla ammo for the tower entrance. At the mouth of the tower (literally) there will be some fire pods and more Zombies when you get close. When you step into the center of the mouth a wall will open releasing Cerberus and some hounds. Unload your Tesla Cannon on Cerberus. If you run out of ammo, keep moving backward while firing - you will have lots of space. You can try blowing Cerberus off the cliff to his death but it is pretty tough to do. Once he's dead you will be able to enter the tower. Go around the corner and step into the glowing light. You will be transported to the tree gallery. Each tree acts as a portal to a unique area. In each area you will need to hit a skull-shaped switch. The order in which you activate them is irrelevant. Once you hit all 5 you will be able to use the floor portal in the main gallery area to exit back to the tower interior. Go to the new area that has opened up and drop down the hole to the right into sub level 1 of the tower.

Go into the next room and pick up the Tesla Cannon on the ground. Proceed across the invisible bridge, dodging (by hopping through) Tchernobog's fireball rings. Cross to the other side and head down the ramps in the lava filled area to tower sub level 2. Journey across sub level 2's invisible bridge to the doorway with lava falls on each side. There is a Stone Gargoyle flying up above that you will need to kill. When the Stone Gargoyle is dead, fight your way into the room with the invisible floor above a lava flow. Move around the ring-shaped hallway and hop into the glowing light. You will be transported outside of the tower where you will have to fight your way back inside. Enter the tower, head right and go up the stairs instead of heading left through the dark archway where you went last time. Take the elevator up to the tower's top floor. You will see the Fire Key as the path ends. When you grab the Fire Key the area is going to flood with monsters, so you may want to lay around some Proximity or Remote Mines beforehand. Head back to the room with the invisible floor above a lava flow on sub level 2. Enter the fire door, descend to sub level 3, and walk through the lava tunnel. The mission ends shortly after."--Bloatoid's Guide

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons Available[edit]


  • Walk around the ledge to an area behind the tower Reward: Life Leech
  • On the left side of the tower's mouth, go into a hidden entrance from where you meet the Fire Pod Reward: Fire Armour, Life Essence
  • After you hit the last switch on a tree areas, you'll be teleported back to the glowing light area and 2 Gargoyles will come out and attack you. Activate the stone face behind the 2 Gargoyles to open a panel to the right of the glowing light Reward: Super Armor
  • While heading down the ramps in the lava filled area to sub level 2, look left. There is a hole at the top of the lava area that you can jump to, but be very careful as the lava will instantly burn you to death. Reward: Tesla Cannons, Body Armour, Life Seed
  • Inside the Fire Key room at the top of the tower, press the handprint on the wall just opposite the key Reward: Trapped Soul, Aerosol Can, Tesla Charge, Box of Flares, Gasoline Can

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