DM1: Monolith Building 11

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"Go postal in the Monolith offices and while you're at it, blow up their X-mas tree!"--Plasma Pak promotional

"Brock Explores the Monolith Office Blood MP Map" (Brock Maier) - YouTube

DM1: Monolith Building 11 is a Bloodbath map, released with the Plasma Pak expansion.  It takes place inside the Monolith Offices.

Level Designer: Monolith Productions
Song Track: 6 - Father Time (CD-Audio), cblood8 (MIDI)


Hidden Caches[edit]

  • There are two doors near the Christmas tree. Blow the left one up. Reward: Life seed
  • Jump behind the garbage can next to the stairs. Reward: Guns akimbo
  • Go upstairs. Enter the only unlocked door. Blow up the wall behind the TNT bundles. Reward: Life leech
  • In the room with "DECOY" on the computer screen, blow up the wall to the left of the screen. Reward: Proximity detonators, shotgun shells
  • Leave the room with "DECOY" on the computer screen and turn right. Walk down the hall and stop at the light switch. Blow up the wall to the right of the switch. Reward: Spray Cans

Fun Stuff[edit]

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  • There is a Bloated Butcher in the Manager's office.
  • There is a Beast in the room with the monster miniatures