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Basic editing in a later version of DEdit

"Before Craig began working on SHOGO, the game was essentially designed by committee, which caused (among other things) a severe lack of focus on tools development. Dedit contained the necessary core features at the point Craig joined our team, but certain crucial features weren’t very intuitive, and many were far from usable. The addition of these designers was really the turning point for Dedit development and usability. Their combined input, suggestions, and demands made Dedit a much better tool. So what lessons did we learn? First, if we had put more emphasis on level design tools, and if the engine team had had access to experienced level designers on the project from the beginning, Dedit would have been in much better. Present day Dedit makes adding objects easy — just right click and select the object you want to add to the world. Early versions required multiple, painstaking steps to add objects. Early attention to Dedit’s usability could have literally shaved months off the level design schedule. That said, Dedit is now a very flexible and usable level design tool. Who knows? If it hadn’t hit rock bottom, Dedit may never have become the excellent level design tool it is today."--Postmortem: Shogo: Mobile Armour Divison - Game Developer magazine

DEdit (also known as WorldEdit after a component) is the map making utility for LithTech, and by extension Blood II and Shogo: MAD.

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