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Crudux Cruo is a Blood fan site first announced on April 10, 2005 by Cruo. "Crudux Cruo" means "Fresh Blood" in the Cultist Language, this name was chosen as it is a relatively new Blood site. As Blood is from the late nineties, Crudux Cruo is designed to look like a website from the late nineties. The website has not been available since early 2008 when the website appears to have stopped functioning.


The Blood Bank[edit]

The "Blood Bank" is a repository of generic Blood items.

The Blood Chick

A stripper with a bloodied hand logo like one of the logo's for Blood on her butt cheek.

The Blood PC

A computer designed to have a Blood-like theme

Bloody Help

Various help for Blood, such as getting it to work in various versions of Microsoft Windows or getting the cut-scenes working.

Links to the Blood Shell

A download for the Blood Shell a tool to run and edit Blood maps.

Blood Cut Scenes

All of the Blood cut scenes composed into one video with using Xvid codec.

The Stephan Weyte Page

A page on Stephan Weyte, the voice of Caleb.


What would have been many reviews, only one review (for "Frag Fortress") is on the site.

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