Combat Shotgun

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Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun, also known as the Pancor "Jackhammer" Combat Shotgun is a weapon in The Nightmare Levels expansion pack for Blood II: The Chosen. It is primarily found in the Haunted House level.

It is a single-barrel shotgun designed for military use.It operates similar to the Sawed-Off Shotgun, but has a higher firing rate, but shorter range and less damage per shot, even though it has a tighter pellet spread. The firing rate gives it a high recoil, making it difficult to maintain accuracy.

The alt fire fires out gas grenades excreting the CabalCo insecticide Die-Bug-Die, which will distort the player's vision if inhaled (exactly like being attacked by a Thief does).

When using the Extra Crispy modification the player has access to the combat shotgun during the original single-player campaign, assuming one has The Nightmare Levels installed.

AMMO TYPE: Shotgun shells for regular fire, Die-Bug-Die for grenades
REGULAR FIRE: Fires a cartridge
ALTERNATE FIRE: Fires a smoke grenade