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This is an article about media that is related to or inspired by Blood but is not part of the Blood franchise or community. This article is to provide information on what this media is and its relation to Blood. This is not a wiki for this media.

Claw, from the makers of Blood!
Claw trailer on YouTube
"Claw: Monolith's Pirate Platformer for Windows 95" (Lazy Game Reviews) - YouTube

"Join forces with Captain Claw, the greatest cat pirate ever to challenge the Cocker Spaniard Armada! Embark on an epic quest to recover the lost gems of the Amulet of Nine Lives. Uncover hidden treasure, navigate tricky terrain, and engage in armed combat to defeat the enemies of the courageous and legendary Captain Nathaniel J. Claw."--Monolith website

Claw (also known as Captain Claw) by Monolith Productions is a classic-type platform video game that features a two-dimensional platform world featuring a main character at its focus and enemies roaming around. The game features a cartoon pirate theme complete with animated cutscenes, and there are traps, secret areas and treasure. The game was built upon the Windows Animation Package 32 engine, derived from the 16-bit flicker-free sprite engine first written by Brian Goble for Windows 3.1 and used in The Adventures of Microman (1993) and then utilized on the "Monolith CD"; the 32-bit engine was subsequently used in Get Medieval (1998) and Gruntz (1999).

Claw also advertised itself as the first action game supporting multiplayer with up to 64 players at a time. Unusual for the time, the game also was released on a DVD in order to ship with higher quality MPEG videos of the game's cutscenes created with Toonz, a tool famously used by Studio Ghibli. A sequel called Claw 3D or Claw 2 - In 3D was drafted as an early prototype for the LithTech engine, with footage shown in an engine trailer; this was reputedly later sold to Techland who much later released it as Nikita: The Mystery Of the Hidden Treasure in 2008.

Released the same year as Blood, Claw is notable for featuring the voice of Stephan Weyte as its protagonist Captain Nathaniel J. Claw. A reference to the game also appears in Shogo: MAD in the form of a Captain Claw cat toy, which you can even squeeze to make it say "Magic Claw!" Despite other Monolith/Warner Bros releases being available, Claw sadly remains unavailable for digital download from GOG or Steam, as do the later WAP 32 tiles Get Medieval and Gruntz. As with the later Gruntz, this has not prevented it from retaining an active level making community.

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