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This page is a document of all known official Monolith fixes to Blood and Blood II.



Quicksave bug is fixed.  This bug incorrectly wrote saved game file.

Blood now closes save/demo files correctly so externally loaded files (ie. 
demos) run correctly.

User maps can now be paused
User maps display correct loading screen (not "LOADING DEMO")

Autorun status now saved
Mouse aim status now saved 

Coop frag bar was missing
Killer monsters now counts for a frag in Coop

Crystal Ball view was wrong

Tchernobog is not so weak anymore.



Saved game files from previous versions are not compatible with this version.
They will be ignored by Blood.

SOME of the 'bugs' that were fixed in 1.10 from 1.02:

The 'level looping' bug has been fixed.  This was related to demos and
internally incorrectly setting the options you had chosen with the default
options (e1m1).  This caused the 'next' level to always be e1m2.  A work-
around for 1.02 was to delete the demos (*.dem).

Problems with killing many things at once is now fixed. 

If a CD was not in the CD Drive when the game tried to play videos from the
CD, an "Abort, Retry, Fail" showed up.  We now check with the CD functions
to verify a disc is installed before trying to play.

We have removed the 'user map' option from setup.  Run user maps from
the 'New Game' menu in Blood.  This works on all online services and is
much faster because it happens after all players are in the game.

Holster Weapon didn't work with the spray can.

You can change video modes from a menu in the game.

Demos from older versions are ignored on playback.

Saved games from older versions are ignored.

Cut Scenes now play in DOS !!!!!

Gargoyles would sometimes fly higher and higher, and ignore you.

If you cheat, the game keeps track over saved games.

Beastvision key was disabled

There was a problem with Alt-TABing in Windows and slowdowns.  The 
responsivness has been improved when you return.

Problems with starting some levels has been fixed.  This was particularly
noticed on e1m3 on some systems.

When one player quit, sometimes other players would crash.

Rats (and other monsters) would scream like humans when exploded.

"Map follow mode" didn't work.

Sometimes running out of ammo would auto-switch you to the napalm cannon.

Electrocution death of monster was sometimes caused by shotgun.

Tesla Cannon alt-fire worked when ammo was too low
Voodoo doll alt-fire worked without enough ammo
Tommy gun alt-fire worked without enough ammo

Spray can would continue burning underwater

Added 'loading' screen on network start.
Added 'loading/saving' screen on game load/save.
Added 'loading' screen on level start.
Added 'restarting CD' screen when CD track is looping.

Added ending credits to episodes
Ending an episode re-starts the game at the intro movies.

CD Audio restarts when saved game is loaded.

Only player #1 could damage oppenents by jumping on their heads.

Memory reporting improved to give better totals about how much 
memory was allocated.  Maximum memory allocated is now 36MB.

You can't save the game when you are DEAD.

There was an e2m5 Secret with no exit.

You could get 'Grip of Fear' (unable to release) with TNT or spray can 
when jumping into water

e2m2  Lamp sprite was not positioned on the ceiling as it should be

Added 'reset Keys to defaults' on configurations menu

MS DOS MODE: Thunder SFX looped incorretly during the Monolith splash screen

e1m1 clicking noise at 2nd secret (TNT) in Caleb's tomb



Online services are now optimized and integrated into the single Blood
program.  You will not need an enabler for your service.  ENJOY!

Support for Spacetec was added.

If you have installed the 1.01 tools (mapedit, artedit, etc), they are 
patched to 1.02 by this patch.

CD-Audio tracks will now repeat during a level.  This will cause a slight
delay when the track is restarted.  You can avoid this by using the -nocd
parameter to Blood and controlling the playback of the CD-Audio through
another program.

Map names are now displayed in map mode.

More things are cached when a level starts.  This makes the level load
appear longer, but the action should be faster in the game (assuming you
have enough memory).  All the audio is still not being pre-cached (becuase
they're all so BIG), so you will still have some 'hitches' while it is 
loaded the first time.

The large status bar correctly shows the version number.

We fixed a problem in Capture-the-Flag play where if the player with the
flag, say, jumped off the train (and dropped the flag), the flag would
never come back where somebody could get it.  It now respawns after a
time if nobody goes and gets it.

You'd sometimes see yourself (a ghost) when you jumped through stacks.

Mirrors were broken when loading a saved game.  This would give the "Hall
of Mirrors" effect.

Videos still do not play in DOS.  We're having problems synchronizing
the Smacker video playback and the sound drivers we are using.



Saved game files are not compatible with this version.  You must delete or
rename them before running this version.

SOME of the bugs fixed in 1.01:

Co-op players were getting out of sync when attacked by spiders and during

A problem with loading and saving games has been fixed.  Some operations 
that had been started would not finish after the game was reloaded.  For
example, ending the level.

There was a bug in the menu code for initializing the saved game menu.  This 
could cause crashes just by having saved files.

If you used the alt-fire with the Voodoo Doll, you couldn't reselect the
weapon again until you picked it up again.

A couple of level fixes including secrets that counted each time you 'found'
them and fixes related to items respawning (either not or always).

Help screens corrected for correct key configurations.

Cerberus was too easy too kill with the Tesla cannon.

'Show Weapons' option was not getting saved when you exitted the game.

Sometimes a monster would show the 'electroction' effect when it hadn't been
damaged by the Tesla cannon.

Saved games are now much smaller.

There were two Red team flags on E2M1 and only one Blue team flag.

We now warn you when you don't have enough memory to play Blood.
We let you continue, but please be aware that the game may crash.

Some video cards (see readme.txt from Blood) have bad VESA drivers and
crash when Blood uses higher-resolution video modes.  See the Blood README
for specific cards that have these problems. For this reason, the in-game
video mode switching function of the F8 key has been removed until the 
VESA issues can be resolved.

Blood II:[edit]

 12.  PATCH VERSION 1.01
      This patch has been focused primarily on Single Play bugs and issues we 
      felt important to resolve immediately.

      Here's what was addressed:
      New engine stuff:
      ∑ fix to USB keyboard issues
      ∑ some rezfile bugs fixed

      New game stuff:
      ∑ Fixed view weapon jittering
      ∑ Removed Shift-I and Shift-O for toggling 3rd person.  Added a cheat to do 
          it instead: MPFOLLOWME.
      ∑ Fixed RandomSoundFX sounds continuing to play after the level ends.
      ∑ MPHEALTHY cheat now restores your weapons correctly when you use it after you die.
      ∑ Fixed muzzle flash sprites continuing to show in external camera mode (cutscenes)
      ∑ DamageObjectsInRadius takes the object dims into account for better accuracy (Large 
          objects like the Ancient One were hard to hit with area of effect weapons since 
          they impact too far from the center point).
      ∑ Fixed weapon hand model visibility problems on client
      ∑ Many gibs tweaks, added blood streams to kicked heads, bounce sounds, increased vertical 
          velocity of blood spurts.
      ∑ Fixed rotating doors being pushed off of their hinges when they are blocked by the player 
          being pushed into a wall.
      ∑ You can now climb ladders out of the water.
      ∑ Menu localization stuff
      ∑ Added additional code to hopefully prevent AI dropped weapons from sticking in walls.  
          It may still happen occassionly, but not as much.
      ∑ MPCLIP fixed so that you don't suddenly move halfway across the world when the 
          framerate chunks.
      ∑ Added a sound for when the "Press a key to continue. . ." message comes up.
      ∑ AI: fixed FindObjectsInRadius function so that it searches for players correctly.  
          This fixes the Bone Leech, Hand, and Thief staying idle problem. (they weren't 
          seeing the player)
      ∑ Made some changes to fix potential IMA issues.

      Weapons and boss stuff:
      ∑ Adjusted prox bomb timing for arming and exploding
      ∑ Removed the Alt-fire from the singularity generator
      ∑ Fixed death-ray beams hanging in the air
      ∑ Fixed it so you can't select bombs without ammo for them
      ∑ Added a game state so we can have the 'Press a key to continue...' message in the loading 
          screens (only does this for screens that use the description text - automatically skips 
          it for multiplayer loading and other custom levels)
      ∑ Fixed the bombs sticking in the air
      ∑ Didn't put in the remote bombs exploding upon death... cause it seems to have been voted out
      ∑ Fixed the black light on the death ray muzzle flash
      ∑ Tweaked some weapon values.
      ∑ Fixed some particle trail effects that were getting cut off when they weren't supposed to
      ∑ Made new special effects for the Naga (much nicer now in my opinion... )
      ∑ Tweaked the Naga AI a little so he'll do the ceiling drop more (at all)... <I'm going to 
          try a couple other things with this as well to take out some of the 'cheese kill' factors>
      ∑ Tweaked some damage values for the Naga.
      ∑ Added detail levels for Naga FX 
      ∑ Removed the smoke trails on the Naga spike fragments.



      While the goals of this patch were to enhance the multiplayer functions, this patch does
      address several single player issues too.

      It is not necessary to install Patch Version 1.01 prior to installing Patch Version 2.0.  
      This patch includes all changes from Patch 1.01.

      This patch includes:
	Engine Stuff:
	∑ Smacker movies use miles sound.  This was needed to allow smacker movies when a hw sound 
		provider was initialized.
	∑ Added 3D Sound Support, including EAX - see section 8 for more information
	∑ Fixed some timing issues with sounds.
	∑ Improved sound instance prioritizing.
	∑ Increased sound radius so 3d hw sounds can die off better.
	∑ Fixed crash when switching from 3d sound hardware provider back to no 3d hardware provider.
	∑ Added 3d sound provider id SOUND3DPROVIDERID_UNKNOWN for forward compatibility.
	∑ Fixed incompatibility with IMA and 3D sound on non-Creative cards.
	∑ Fixed some missing resources messages getting sent to console regardless of debuglevel.
	∑ Fixed server-side sounds not getting unloaded properly between levels.
	∑ Fixed server from creating too many id numbers.  This caused the invisible player bug in 
	∑ More input additions for correct analog joystick operation.
        ∑ Fixed several bugs with Single Pass MultiTexturing.  This should may improve performance on
		TNT and Voodoo2 cards (a nice little speed improvement).  Also added 'Enable Single Pass 
                Multi-texturing' to the Advanced options in the launcher.  Check this option to 
                enable the feature.
            NOTE:  'Enable Single Pass Multi-texturing' may not work properly on all cards.
            We have verified that it performs properly on Voodoo2 and TNT cards.
            However, other newer cards may or may not work properly.  If you experience
            problems while using this feature, UNCHECK THE OPTION.
	∑ 3DNow Suport for AMD.  If you are running an AMD, please check our website for the 3DNow renderer.
	Single Play Game Stuff:
	∑ Fixed inverted mouse y axis  in sniper zoom mode.
	∑ Flashlight is using GetPointShade() again so that it won't cast a light darker than the room's 
	∑ Reverb enable on 3D sounds
	∑ Turning LookSpring off keeps view from recentering when using PageUp/PageDown keys (requested 
	∑ Added "NextLevel" console command to allow the host to force the next level to load.
	∑ Fixed armor incorrectly reported as "100" when starting, when it should be 0.
	∑ Fixed AI disappearing after killing them.
	∑ Fixed a crash that was happening when exiting a level.
	∑ Player now takes falling damage.
	∑ Fixed gibs, bloodsplats, sparks, and splashes not appearing when killing AI.
	∑ Removed wizard server options that were from Shogo but did not apply to Blood2.
	∑ Removed wizard server options that were from Shogo but not implemented in Blood2.
	∑ Fixed bug with falling out of the world on start.
	∑ Tab key can no longer be bound to commands.
	∑ Screen shrink/enlarge keys removed.
	∑ Fixed it so blindness gets turned off when you die.
	∑ Fixed the 'no damage' bug when a player leaves the game and his weapon should do damage after 
		he leaves.
	∑ Enabled 3d sound providers (new launcher options coming soon).
	∑ Enabled using reverb for EAX provider (new launcher options coming soon).
	∑ Fixed disappearing water in love canal. (actually for Add-on)
	∑ Fixed the overload of special FX by the Tesla cannon causing some weirdness with other special FX.
	There's also some new console variables that control the new 3D sound stuff (if the 3D sound 
		hardware is available).  The new launcher will make this stuff easy for the user to tweak. The following console variables are available:

			"initsound" will reinitialize the sounds.
			"reverblevel <n>" where n is 0.0 to 1.0.  Sets the amount of reverb.
			"max3dvoices <n>" where n is the maximum number of voices to play through 3d sound 
				provider.  "initsound" must be run to take settings.
			"maxswvoices <n>" where n is the maximum number of voices to play that don't go 
				through 3d sound provider. "initsound" must be run to take settings.
			"3dsoundprovider <n>" where n is the id of the 3d sound provider to use. "initsound" 
				must be run to take settings.  The provider id's are:
			NONE			0
			A3D			4
			MILES3D			6
	Again, users will not really need to know any of these once the new launcher is available.

	∑ Fixed bug where you couldn't push objects.
	∑ Launcher now has "3D Sound Options" dialog available from the Advanced dialog.
	∑ When in water, if your head is above water and you are standing on something, your movement is not 
	∑ New console variable: "3dsoundprovidername <s>"  where s is the string for the 3d sound provider.  
		Needed for forward compatibility.
	∑ An error dialog is posted if sounds aren't initialized properly.
	∑ Fixed prophet carrying wrong weapon on 09_abandoned_buildings.
	∑ Fixed bug where if the external camera was in water and the player wasn't, the player would still 
		lose air.
	∑ Sounds only get reinitialized when leaving the audio menu if the sound quality setting has changed.
	∑ Changed "playerpos 1" to guarantee position, rotation and animation messages (as opposed to only 
	∑ Face huggers can be removed by hitting the use key 5 times fast or after 25 times (which makes it 
		easier for people with low framerates).
	∑ Fixed a zoom bug when switching levels.
	∑ Fixed a crash bug in the CommLink code that would crash/hang the game when it was minimized during 
		Voice or CommLink transmissions.
	∑ Using the (unsupported) "world" console command to load a level now properly sets the player's 
		starting position.
	∑ Fixed seeing eye causing player it was stuck to to move slower.
	∑ Fixed seeing eye not knowing when player it was stuck to died, which caused it to hang in the air.
	∑ Increased the forward/backward acceleration when moving with the mouse.
	∑ Changed the life leech alt-fire damage from 100 - 125 (was 150 - 200).
	∑ Fixed The Eye causing crash when it was destroyed with splash damage.
	∑ Fixed trip-lasers not working in museum.
	∑ Fixed some AI sighting bugs.
	∑ Fixed the current item icon carrying over into the next level.
	∑ Fixed sounds not getting freed.
	∑ Enhanced joystick menu and controls are in there and working, but not 100% perfect.
	∑ Fixed a bunch of load/save lockups, not being able to open doors, problems changing worlds.
	∑ Fixed "Action" key not working after a reload.(opening doors, talking to civilians)
	∑ Handles the alt ammo status bar tab now (still has a bug that needs fixing though)
	∑ Fixed bug where binocs didn't work after loading a save game if you saved with binocs zoomed in.
	∑ Fixed phone-ring in Laundromat.  This fix may also fix other save/load related sound bugs.

	∑ Fixed client-side weapon accuracy problems
	∑ Fixed client-side akimbo weapons.
	∑ Fixed various weapon switching lockups/problems.
	∑ Fixed shotgun shell ejecting 4 shells with alt fire.
	∑ Secondary ammo type status bar tab added
	∑ Some missing weapon sounds work again.
	∑ Fixed bug with weapons disappearing when dropped.
	∑ Fixed bug with being able double your weapons by picking one up and dropping it very fast.
	∑ Gideon's laser will no longer strike himself.
	∑ Fixed it so you can't fire while zoomed in with binocs.
	∑ Fixed the shotgun so it reloads again on the second shot.
	∑ Changed an objectives message which stated that all weapons have alt fire modes (they don't).
	∑ Fixed the weapon looping sound problem where the sound hangs around if you switch weapons while 
	∑ Fixed the shotgun that was only using one ammo in alt fire (should use 2).
	∑ Fixed the picture of the current weapon staying over the ammo counter when you switch to bombs.
	∑ Added throwing sounds to the bombs.
	∑ Fixed the problem where the last bomb alt-fire was causing it to be thrown in a weird direction 
		instead of down.
	∑ Fixed the floating weapon problem.
	∑ Fixed the akimbo hand model problem where the second hand hangs on to the old weapon when you 
		switch from akimbo to single handed weapons.
	∑ Fixed the looping weapon firing problem when you die and respawn.
	∑ Made it so that it automatically switches to weapon #1 when you die and respawn.  This also 
		fixes the problem where you'd still be holding a bomb if that was your last weapon held 
		(even though you wouldn't have any).
	∑ Fixed it so you can't use 3 shells with the shotgun by firing once in primary than once in 
	∑ Fixed a rotation problem in the projectile code which may have fixed the orb shooting in odd 
	∑ Proximity bombs should no longer blow up near dead bodies of people who haven't respawned.
	∑ Flames from the flare gun should now go out when a character is gibbed.
	∑ Fixed the shotgun shooting too many shells.
	∑ Fixed the missing sounds in the bombs alt-fire animation.
	∑ Fixed the camera on the orb alt-fire.
	∑ Made the orb get updated outside of the vis-list on alt-fire.
	∑ Made the orb explode during alt-fire if the player who shot it is killed while flying it.
	∑ Made it so that if there is no weapon in the #1 slot, it'll switch to your knife automatically 
		instead of when you die.
	∑ Fixed the looping gun animation when you respawn while holding down the fire key.
	∑ Made the remote bombs not explode when you hold onto them for too long (you can hold them as 
		long as you like now).
	∑ Changed the remote bombs so they don't explode upon impact of characters and players (instead 
		they just stop and fall to the ground).
	∑ Fixed the orb viewing problems.
	∑ Fixed a problem with the orb cam getting updated even after it gets attached to someone.
	∑ Fixed the lifeleech being off center on the alt-fire.
	∑ Added a couple more checks for possible situations with the orb camera.
	∑ Weapon icon properly appears on status bar (instead of only after the first weapon switch).
	∑ Fixed the bomb blowing up after the game ends.
	∑ Fixed the weapon looping after respawn.

	Multiplay Game Stuff:
	∑ Startpoints will now look for spawn points for the team the player is on in team-based games.
	∑ Added DrawSingleColumnTeams() which will draw one team column at a time when the screen width 
		is less than 500.
	∑ Updated frag screen
	∑ Multiplayer flag display functions
	∑ Fixed bug with respawn in the place where you last died.
	∑ Only display levels for the selected gametype (bb, ctf, or teams)
	∑ Added support for drawing a team icon in addition to a flag icon for multiplayer games.
	∑ Stand-alone server fix so that the proper game type is set.
	∑ Team score in team-based games determine if the level should be switch based on frag counts.
	∑ In CTF play, your team's flag must be in it's base for you to be able to score by capturing the 
		other team's flag.
	∑ Ping times for all clients displayed on each client, updated every 5 seconds.
	∑ Fixed focus not regenerating on 2nd multiplayer level.
	∑ Fixed wonkyvision persisting after respawning.
	∑ Fixed taunts so that they will play after a level switch in multiplayer.
	∑ In CTF, the flag's position is set to the player's position when it is dropped.
	∑ Killing The Eye in multiplayer now causes the owner to go blind.
	∑ Quick Load/Save hotkeys are disabled in multiplayer now.
	∑ Many new server options for Teams and CTF games (see below).
	∑ Fixed minefield volumebrush.  It thought the player wasn't on the ground and so it didn't kill him.
	∑ Stand-alone server now correctly brings up the "Items" dialog for all game types.
	∑ Loading screen is properly displayed for the host of a multiplayer game during startup.
	∑ Player model remains visible after a humiliation death on the local client.
	∑ Humiliation invulnerable time has been reduced to 0.5 seconds
	∑ Added humiliation "stay" timer (currently set at 5 seconds) so you can't immediately get out of 
	∑ Reduced maximum Wonky-Vision time from 20 seconds to only 15.
	∑ When entering Wonky-Vision from a humiliation, the phrase "You are on the edge of death." is 
		now displayed.
	∑ Wizard dialogs now use "Team Blue/Red" instead of "Team 1/2".
	∑ Fixed the 'excess ammo' bug in multiplay (where you keep your ammo after you die).
	∑ Fixed it so the MESSAGE key doesn't cause the game to pause while in the menus.
	∑ Fixed health getting set to zero when other players join the multiplay game.
	∑ Fixed dead players turning into ghosts a new player joins the game.
	∑ Player "ass-up" bodies now gib when they respawn from a humiliation death.
	∑ Fixed problem with players getting assigned to the wrong team under certain conditions.
	∑ A message is displayed when the end of level has been signaled in multiplayer games.
	∑ A sound is played when the end of level has been signaled in multiplayer games.
	∑ Team icon does not disappear if a level switch happens while the game is minimized.
	∑ Stand-alone server displays a message in its console when the "Next Level" button is pressed.
	∑ Fixed potential crash bug when displaying the player's name when they join the level.
	∑ Fixed player's name sometimes being displayed as garbage when they join the level.
	∑ All players should now see the frag info before the level changes in multiplayer games.
	∑ Fixed player going fullbright after leaving bb_cabana.
	∑ Minefields now blow up if player touches them.
	∑ Fixed going in and out of main menu during end of level frag display giving the player movement 
	∑ Fixed slow movement after respawn in multiplay.
	∑ Fixed it so that the hand model disappears when you die (so you don't see it floating around in 
		multiplay until the player respawns).
	∑ Fixed no-friendly-fire in team games due to not checking the "owner" of projectiles.
	∑ Fixed end-of-level frag display "jitter" in multiplayer.
	∑ The cross-hair is no longer displayed while the frag info is on the screen in multiplayer games.
	∑ Possible internet optimization to reduce number of player update packets constantly sent to the 
		server.  Modem performance *may* be significantly improved.
	∑ Player "respawn" voice comments have a 50% chance of playing each time you respawn in multiplayer. 
	∑ Jump sounds now play in single and multiplayer games.
	∑ Increased the default UpdateRate values for 28.8 and ISDN by 1.
	∑ Chat messages now play a sound.
	∑ Clients now get a message and a sound if/when they get disconnected from the server (or the 
		server shuts down).
	∑ Wonky vision is not allowed to start if the player is already dead.
	∑ Fixed crash related to seeing eye stuck to a player that gets removed.

	CTF/Team options:
	"Allow Friendly Fire" --  Allows players to damage and kill their teammates.

	"Score negative frags for friendly fire" --  Players that kill their teammates receive a negative 

	"Only flag capturing scores points" --  Only capturing the flag scores points.  Players can still 
		kill others, but no frag points are awarded.

	"Use enemy team size as flag score multiplier" --  The size of the enemy team is used as a 
		multiplier when computing the points for capturing the flag.

	"Flag value" --  The base value for points awarded when a flag is captured.

	Regarding the multiplier value...if this is on and the enemy team as 4 players, and the flag 
		value is 5, capturing the flag is worth 20 points (since 4 * 5 = 20).  This was an idea of 
		Jay's to help balance situations where one team has more players (since you get more points 
		if the other team has more players).

 13.1 Additional changes and bug fixes since the release of Patch 2.0 in February.
      If you have installed Blood II: Nightmares, you do not need to install this patch.  

	∑ New Standalone server which is proving to be significantly more stable.
	∑ The player will now slide down slopes greater than 45 degrees. Please test to make sure it doesn't 
		break any levels that require you to climb steep slopes.
	∑ "connect <ip>" console command now specifies the last used .b2c config file (or caleb.b2c).
	∑ "connect <ip>" console command now brings up the loading screen if a connection is made.
	∑ Added "Load <level-name>" console command for loading levels via the console.  The "world" console
		command should not be used because the blood2 specific game setup code will not get called by 
		the engine.
	∑ Climbing slopes greater than 60 degrees is not allowed.
	∑ Fixed bug where wrong team was given credit in the text message when scoring goal in soccer games.
	∑ Fixed the lack of alt-fire player animations.
	∑ Objectives are now allowed in custom levels.
	∑ Fixed remote bombs dropped by player.  They were causing a crash when they were getting removed.
	∑ Life-Leech will no longer give the player health if they are already dead.
	∑ Fixed a bunch of strings that were causing crashes.
	∑ Changed DestructableModel to correctly resize dims if rotated.
	∑ Console messages with '%' symbols (a special marker) are now handled properly.
	∑ Engine: Updated protocol version.
	∑ Engine: Fixed bug with calling MID_AFFECTPHYSICS where the object getting the function could possibly 
		remove itself from the list being used by the engine.
	∑ Engine: Fixed problem where joystick POV Hats where reading incorrect values.
	∑ Engine: Fixed GetDeviceObjects so it gets objects for all joysticks, not just the first one found.
	∑ Blood2 "regular" is now known as version 2.1 so that AddOn users have the latest dlls since they will 
		have newer engine code (client.exe and server.dll).
	∑ Blood2 "regular stand-alone server is now known as version 2.1.
	∑ Fixed endless loop caused sometimes by switching from c4 to next weapon.
	∑ Voodoo doll doesn't do damage if players are on the same team and "friendly fire" is turned off.
	∑ If the requested .b2c file is not found, and the default one is not found (caleb.b2c), default values 
		will now be used instead of starting the player with no weapons at all.
	∑ Player names are now not allowed to use the special marker characters ([, ], and %).  These now get 
		replaced with other, similar, characters.
	∑ There is now a new connection-speed option called "High-Ping/Modem" that sets the UpdateRate to 3.
	∑ Engine: Avoids playing stereo sound data in 3d buffer.  MSS does not currently support this.  A stereo 
		sound will now fall back to using a 2d buffer.
	∑ Engine: Added two new console commands.  "ShowInputDevices" and "ShowDeviceObjects".
	∑ Wonky-vision now has limits as to how "wonky" it can get.
	∑ Behemoth doesn't damage himself anymore.
	∑ Orb camera fixes so that the camera always gets placed from the orb view.
	∑ Singularity generator now does damage when you're stuck in the center of it.