C1L8: CAS Revenant

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Cabalco Industries Model 1701D Airship

C1L8: CAS Revenant is the eighth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen (map name: 06_airship1). It is structured like a futuristic VTOL aircraft, modified as a hybrid warship/passenger vehicle.

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Level 8: CAS Revenant

The Cabalco Industries Model 1701D Airship is one of the finest, and certainly, most versatile, flying vessels ever to grace our soiled-skies. Versatility is the key word here, as our airship can be used simultaneously for both connoisseur-class business travel and military purposes. Why bother to make two trips? Carpet-bomb that nasty Third-World country, while keeping your most important clients flying in style! Beneath its armored exterior the Cabalco Airship truly has a heart of gold. Spacious seating, relaxing cabins, well-armed stewardesses, and the best nuts in the sky! Fly Cabalco. Fly in style.


Caleb starts on a propeller wing, outside the aircraft. He travels along the surface until the finds a door to the cargo container.

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