C1L5: Steam Tunnels

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Steam Tunnels

C1L5: Steam Tunnels is the fifth level in the game Blood II: The Chosen (map name: 04_steamtunnels). It resembles an underground sewer system and steam tunnels.

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Level 5: Steam Tunnels

Man, do you hate sewers! The smell is rather appealing, but all-in-all slogging through the Floaters gets old. When you finally get around to ruling the world, it'll be time to declare the place a no-sanitation zone. The perks of an open-sewer society include not having to budget for pipe repairs. The stuff can find its way to the oceans on its own. Either way, even with the local fragrance, you can smell Gideon's nasty stench. The coward's probably headed for a Cabal safehouse.



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Fun Stuff

  • The glove of Freddy Krueger from The Shining can be found on a wall in the underground tunnels. This reference was also made in the previous game.
  • Hidden between two pipes in one of the rooms is a path which leads to a hidden room that appears to be sanctum for a Predator from the Predator series of films. There is also an Alien head (from the Alien series) nailed to the wall, which is itself a reference to Predator 2 where this also famously featured. Additionally, there is also a poster with a Skaarj from the game Unreal, which had been released the year before Blood II.
  • The rez file includes some deleted dialogue and one-liners from this level. 
    • CALEB: Ugh, I knew this was a bad idea.
    • CALEB: Ooh, hot steam. Maybe I should strip down to nothing but a towel and relax a little, mm?
    • CALEB: Ah, home sweet home. How did Guliani miss this one?
    • CALEB: Dammit, I hate a crowd.
    • CALEB: I never drink... wine.

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