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== Walkthrough  ==
== Walkthrough  ==
{{quote|quotation="If you like, you can walk down the stairs and pick up a few items, but afterwards enter into the room just to the right of your starting position. Smash the boards on the window, and crouch-jump out onto the ledge (if you fall, you can get back up here pretty easily, although you will meet some... resistance). Over to your left is a ladder, jump onto it, and climb up. Look down, and you'll see a small skylight. Smash the wood paneling, and you can drop down into the room. Find the boarded up window (need I remind you to pick up the Life Seed), smash through it, and crouch-jump out the window. Follow the alley around, and walk up the board to get over the fence and into an area that should be very familiar. Remember to pick up the flares in the over-turned dumpster, and jump down into the open sewer, and go through the tunnel to the other area (be quick about it, and you can avoid the nasty little Bone Leaches. Otherwise, spend a couple of moments taking them out). Enter the Laundro-Hut, and work your way around the elevator to end the level."|attributedTo=[[Steven Clubb|Baytor's Guide]]}}

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