C1L3: Lafayette Museum of Antiquities

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C1L3: Lafayette Museum of Antiquities is the third level in the game Blood II: The Chosen (map name: 03_museum). It represents an anthropological museum and contains the first use of the Singularity Generator, which drives the secondary plot of the drifting realities. It also premeries the first of the resurrected Category:Chosen.

Loading Screen Text

Level 3: Lafayette Museum of Antiquities

Cabalco's Lafayette Museum of Antiquities announces a new featured exhibit: Cults and Rituals. Take a remarkable and informative guided tour through the histories of some of the world's most bizarre fanatical organizations, ranging from the cursed Sect of the Barking Tree Frog to those dreaded fez-wearing Shriners. Also, do be sure to stop and sacrifice a moment of your day to visit our new Animatronic Dark God Exhibit. Scary!


Caleb attempts to go in the front way, but finds the door locked.

LOUDSPEAKER: The Lafayette Museum of Antiquities is now closed. Normal operating hours are 3 to 5 pm daily. Admission is 17 dollars. Please keep your children on a leash at all times.

He jumps to the rooftops and dives in through a skylight. He navigates through the museum, chasing Gideon. He finally finds him in an empty room, perched on a balcony, with a Mad Scientist, and a Prophet holding a strange gun.

GIDEON: Time to die, Chosen one.

The Prophet fires the gun, which fires a laser and creates a large purple and black vortex. From out of the vortex emerges a large, African-American woman in metal body armor. She looks around, confused and disoriented.

GABRIELLA: What the hell is dis?
MAD SCIENTIST: That's unexpected. Hmm, I guess I'll need to recalibrate the singularity settings.
CALEB: Gabriel?
GABRIELLA: Gabriella. It's a long story.
CALEB: Save it for someone who cares.
GABRIELLA: Is that any way to greet an old friend?
CALEB: Things have changed, but I don't need to tell you that.
GABRIELLA: I need to go with you, find out what's goin' on.
CALEB: You're not my type.
GABRIELLA: Huh, looked in the mirror lately? You're no catch yourself.

The vortex reopens and Gabriella disappears through it. In the confusion, Gideon and his posse have escaped. Caleb continues the pursuit and finds an exhibit that contains his old reliable - the Sawed-Off Shotgun. He picks it up and moves on.

Caleb activates the animatronic "Dark God" exhibit. It starts to move, then malfunctions, and explodes, revealing a hole in the floor that Caleb uses to escape through an underground tunnel.

Enemies Present

Weapons present

Fun Stuff

  • Throughout the museum, a recorded voice provides information and narration about each of the exhibits.
    • NARRATOR: Welcome to the Lafayette Antiquities Museum. Make sure and visit our newly restored Egyptian exhibits during your stay. Today's feature exhibit is on cults and rituals. Make sure and visit the North wing with a half-scale reproduction of a mythical cult god.
    • NARRATOR: The Incas worshipped the high peaks that pierce the South American skies. These rugged summits represented a means of approaching the sun god, the center of their religion, and many sacrifices were made atop these cold, and unpredictable pinnacles.
    • NARRATOR: These ancient mummies were unearthed from the tombs beneath Sahkra. From the dawn of the ancient Egyptian civilization, to its twilight, more than 3,000 years later, it was used as a cemetery for the elite living in nearby Memphis. During the early dynastic period in the old kingdom several Egyptian kings preferred Sahkra as a burial place.

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