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This page lists all known bugs in Blood II: The Chosen.

The game was somewhat rushed to market and as such shipped with a number of bugs (many of which were fixed in an online-released patch, also included with The Nightmare Levels add-on). Weaker enemies would be gibbed by small weapons like pistols. An explosion would cause an enemy's torso to disappear and leave its limbs hanging and spinning in the air, or become embedded in a wall. Artificial intelligence was less than stellar, with enemies walking into walls, or losing the player across path lines.

It is also possible to play Blood II without the CD, and not with the use of potentially illegal no-CD patches which are also available on the Internet. Load the Blood II menu, select the multiplayer options and start a BloodBath game. Then just press "ESC" to access the menu from which you can start a single-player game. Monolith Productions seems to have missed this hole in its CD-based copy protection.

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