Bone Eel

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Bone Eel

"Skinny dipping isn't recommended in eel-infested waters. These spiny, flesh-eating devils of the deep will gladly chew you some new orifices. If you can't resist the thought of a moonlight swim, prepare to face these agile little monsters in their preferred environment."--Blood Beastiary

A Bone Eel is a Blood enemy that lives in the water. They resemble a "zombie" fish, with pale fleshy skin, and spines protruding from its dorsal and ventral sides. They prefer attacking from the rear, as they are timid animals, but will attack if you get close. Bone eels can exist on the land, but they become largely immobile, making for easy target practice. Bone eels are often found with Gill Beasts, especially in later levels, and they may be related to them. The Gill Beast Beastiary entry mentions that they were going to be able to summon eels similar to a Mother Spider.

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 16
Pink on the Inside 20
Lightly Broiled 26
Well Done 30
Extra Crispy 38

"Though somewhat timid, bone eels will dart at you the moment you turn your back. They make up in ferocity what they lack in fortitude."--Blood Manual