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Different Languages[edit]

The Blood Wiki has grown alot since its humble beginings less than a year ago. Already it is large enough to act as a reliable source for all Bloody things. However, it is not yet finished, but progress is still continuing. I must begin by stressing that the English version of this Wiki is by no means finished, and still has alot of potential for growth. That begin said there is also a potential for porting to other languages, and given the fan support in Russia, Russian would be a high priority for such porting. Now tools such as Bable Fish may be good for an initial translation, they are by no means a duplicate for works done by true multi-lingualists. I currently have no idea what the status of multi-lingual capabilities is amonst our current editorship, but I suspect it is fairly low. With that in mind, and also taking into acount that there is still much work that could be done on the current english edition I would place multi-language support at a low priority. That being said I would like to propose this as a proposal for planned future growth with a priority of "when its done". Any comments would be appretiated. Cerberus 16:41, 8 January 2009 (EST)