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Blood TC Logo
Blood TC

Developer: Blood TC Team

Publisher: Doom WAD Station, FileFront

Designer: J. S. Graham, Joseph Otey

Engine: Doom

Version: 2.0

Released: March 24, 2006

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: MS-DOS, Windows, GNU/Linux


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

For the EDuke32 project that also went under this title, see BloodCM

Blood TC (also called Blud or BlooD DooM) is a total conversion WAD file for Doom II: Hell on Earth. The WAD features seven new levels that are based on Blood including ones directly based on particular levels such as the Hospital, Funeral Home, Shopping Mall and Camp Ground. The developers later abandoned the project to work on on ZBlood as they thought that the Doom II engine was too primitive to make a true Blood total conversion. The ZDoom engine allows for effects similar to the Build engine which powered the original Blood.

The WAD is highly modified through use of DeHackEd programming, which involves patching the main executable into a DEH file, something which makes Blood TC require the use of a Boom style source port or similar. As the game uses the Doom engine, Blood TC can run on Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, FreeDOS, ReactOS, Mac OS X and other platforms.

The game can be ran without the Doom II master WAD through the use of the Freedoom master WAD. The Doom engine is free software under Version 2 of the GNU General Public License while the sounds, graphics, and music used in Blood TC are proprietary and are owned by Monolith Productions, id Software, Raven Software and others. These are used under the terms of fair use for non-commercial purposes.


"MAP02: Graveyard"

The plot behind Blood TC is set in the year 1929, a year after the events of Blood.

After defeating Tchernobog, Caleb decides to return to his grave for a little macabre relaxation. However, while he is resting he ponders on his former masters defeat and comes to the conclusion that it was all too easy (this plot could be derived from the common sentiment that Tchernobog is too weak in the original Blood, which lead to a tweak in version 1.11), almost as if the god had wanted Caleb to defeat him. Caleb then hears the voice of the Dreaming God inside his head once again. Tchernobog had survived, nursed his wounds and rebuilt his power while Caleb was resting! It is time, Caleb decides, to awake and finish his betrayer off once and for all! Whether the Cabal like it or not...

This background story is derived from a text file attached with Blood TC Version 2.0.


Blood TC Levels

  • MAP01: Cradle to Grave
  • MAP02: Graveyard
  • MAP03: The Sick Ward
  • MAP04: This is Your Life
  • MAP05: Mall of the Dead
  • MAP06: Camp Crystal Lake
  • MAP07: Hell's Mouth Canyon

Caleb's adventure again begins in his secluded damp grave at the Morning Side Mortuary, which has been overrun by the Cabal once again. After fighting his way out of the main building, Caleb is then faced with a humongous grave complex also filled with monstrosities. Once done fighting in the centres of the dead, another task awaits Caleb as he approaches the infested sick ward. After his grizzly encounters through various disease wards, Caleb happens to wander down a street of a large city and has to charge through a small store. This advances into a even more massive shopping plaza which brings him many new misadventures to suffer through.

After realizing where Tchernobog must be waiting, Caleb diverts his attention to the forests outside of the city. This takes him into a dark and dreary camp complex. Behind one such site, to Caleb's great surprise, is Tchernobog himself, who immediately taunts his former servant. A contest of magic and firearms ensues, which weakens Caleb and destroys what appears to be the dark god. However, Caleb's quest is not yet fulfilled as he realizes that Tchernobog had sent him into a trap with this now slain creature as a decoy.

Angered by Tchernobog's cowardice, Caleb trudges on through the volcanic wastes that defends Tchernobog's new heavily armed stronghold: an immense step pyramid. After meeting many terrible horrors, creatures and traps, Caleb is finally able to challenge his former master once again (on higher skill levels accompanied by another decoy bodyguard). The taste of victory in his mouth after blasting his final discharge into the dark god's corpse, Caleb proceeds to storm out of the pyramid and return to his rest, content that his revenge is finally complete.


  • Blood TC, unlike the actual original Blood episodes (including Cryptic Passage and "Post Mortem"), does not include a secret level.
  • Once level eight is reached it will go to the equivalent Doom II or Freedoom level (depending on which master WAD you use) only with Blood enemies and items.
  • The first, third and fifth levels are based directly on levels in Blood, and the fourth level is based on the first level of the Plasma Pak. The others, while also based on Blood levels, are done so more loosely, containing original layouts.
  • Instead of cutscene movies like in Blood, the plot twist of the decoy Tchernobog is presented in a Doom II style text intermission.
  • The text, written in blood, "one eyed monks rule" can be found in the one of the levels.

Enemies, Items, and Weapons


BloodTC Screamshot
  • Tchernobog (Decoy, real and his decoy bodyguard on higher skill levels)



Guns Akimbo replaces the Doom II Super Shotgun

Doom WAD Station Review

"While only two maps, this is a kick-ass conversion. The atmosphere is suppressive and heavy. The gameplay is fast and furious and difficult and the design itself is absolutely outstanding. I don't think you could really ask for anything more. The tc includes new weapons, new creatures (from the game Blood). There are new textures and two complete maps to enjoy. I heartily recommend this download!"--Sematary on Version 1.0.

Blood TC Authors

  • J. S. Graham (Psyren): Project founder, major contributions.
  • Joseph Otey (Doorhenge): Major contributions, ZBlood founder.
  • Chaoscorps: Tommy Gun sprites.
  • DeusExMachina: Wizard sprites.
  • Ajapted and Graf_Zahl: WhackEd2 tutoring.
  • Don Tello: Dynamite coding work.

Blood TC Versions

Version I: Released on January 24th, 2006 and only contained two levels.

Version II: Released on March 24th, 2006. It added five new levels, three new enemies, and more Bloodish backgrounds.

The game was also later ported to Windows Mobile by a third party.

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