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Blood Hispano is a fan website devoted to offering resources for Blood and Blood II: The Chosen in the Spanish language. It includes many translations from various sources, including official documentation, excerpts from fan websites and even a collection of fan fiction, but also features original content such as analysis of both Blood and Blood II. It also features a number of image galleries containing promotional material, box and disc cover art, screamshots and fan art, as well as a general downloads section. The website was finally launched, after two previous attempts derailed by inadequate hosting, on October 23, 2011.


Sir Seizhak[edit]

Cabal's Return
Blood User Map: The Beauty Clinic - YouTube

Sir Seizhak (born September 9, 1989) is a Spanish (from Castilla-La Mancha) Bloodite, mapper, founder and maintainer of Blood Hispano. He has created nine maps (three of them are from scratch), working on an add-on called Cabal's Return. He also compiled volume two of Blood Chronicles, with scripting by BME. He is the voice of Logan in Legends Of Iconoclast: Unfinished Business. He admires the efforts of fellow mappers Dustin Twilley and David Wikström, his favourite retail level is E2M5, his favourite gun is the Tesla Cannon, and his favourite Caleb quotation is "You have to have faith for that to work." He lists his favourite video games, aside from Blood, as Warcraft II, Sacred, Duke Nukem 3D, and Doom among others. He enjoys heavy metal, rock, classical and soundtrack music.