Blood: Resurrection of Evil

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Blood: Resurrection of Evil is an under development fan project to create an amateur film based on the Blood universe. To be filmed and created in Luxemburg, the film is to be filmed mostly outdoors due to production concerns, which will be justified by the film's storyline. The project is being developed and is under the direction of Kung Vanargand.


"Caleb will once more be in the middle of dark forces trying to overwelm the world! And the world will have to do with our favorite bad good guy to save it! The ending will be wide open for sequels if we are successfull! I already have ideas!"--Kung Vanargand

The films will be split up into five distinct parts and will feature many aspects of the Blood universe, as well as incorporating some iconic horror figures and aspects, such as the Necronomicon.

Episode 1: Caleb's Awakening

Episode 2: Ophelia's Nightmare

Episode 3: Curse of Crystal Lake

Episode 4: Gabriella's Haunting

Epsiode 5: Shadows of Tchernobog


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