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DoA Wallpaper
Blood: Dead on Arrival

Developer: Liquid Football Studios

Publisher: Liquid Football Studios

Designer: Liquid Football Studios

Engine: GZDoom

Version: 1.6d

Released: March 26, 2018

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Macintosh


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"A mash-up of Blood and Doom 64. Play as sadistic gunslinger Caleb as he hunts down cult members and bloodthirsty demons, in his mission to thwart the resurrection of the dark god Tchernobog." — Official description

Blood: Dead on Arrival is a mod for GZDoom that combines elements from Blood with those from Doom 64, as well as a variety of mini-games. Released on March 26, 2018 by Mr. Froz and Jake 'The Voice' Parr (anonymously credited as 'Chunky Norwich'). It features a short epilogue explaining how the Cabal teamed up with demons from another dimension, in a successful attempt to clone Tchernobog, only to be thwarted again by Caleb.


Official trailer for the mod


The weapons in the mod consist of the standard Blood arsenal (minus the Proximity and Remote detonators) with some new additions.


The mod features a wide array of enemies due to mixing Blood enemies with Doom 64 ones, although not all from each game were included.


There is a total of five bosses throughout the game, which in many occasions you'll have to defeat in order to progress. Duke Nukem is only available as a secret boss to fight in MAP18 (Beauty and the Beast).


The accessible power-ups in the mod are five, including two (Rage Sphere and Regeneration Sphere) from Skulltag.


Dead on Arrival

Dead on Arrival

  • MAP01: Otherworld
  • MAP02: They Are Here
  • MAP03: Trouble at the Docks
  • MAP04: Churn of Hell
  • MAP05: The Football Pitch
  • MAP06: Area 15
  • MAP07: Midgard
  • MAP31: Club Cabal
  • MAP32: Organ Grinder

Level #1 - Otherworld: "Caleb's journey begins in the Otherworld. Who knows what will be found here? Probably not Tchernobog himself, since he's a hoity-toity prick. Anyways, the only way out is through this beaten path. Ready yourself for a dip in the lava pool."

Level #2 - They Are Here: "Once again, Caleb finds himself in the Innsmouth Shopping Plaza, filled to the brim with bloodthirsty demons and cruel Cabal lieutenants. Open, spacious areas make for some great opportunities to circle-strafe for minutes on end."

Level #3 - Trouble at the Docks: "The Docks are under attack! Clear out the nearby storage area, plunder the power plant, and fight your way through the warehouses before any Cabal can escape. Defeating the Cyberdemon will grant you a special reward..."

Level #4 - Churn of Hell: "Deep within the Netherrealm lies one of Tchernobog's fortresses. Play hopscotch above a pool of lava, duel with the Hell Knights, and annihilate the acid-pool Arachnotrons."

Level #5 - The Football Pitch: "The game between the Norwich Mince Pies and the Nottinghamshits has been postponed due to a demonic invasion, resulting in Cerberus eating the ball and both teams. Kill him and his gargoyle chums, they deserve it. Also, keep an eye out for a secret exit."

Level #6 - Area 15: "Beware of any exposed electrical wires, sewage spillages and hellish abominations when you're exploring this power plant. It's packed with so many enemies, you'll struggle to find any hiding places."

Level #7 - Midgard: "Tchernobog awaits..."

Secret Level #1 - Club Cabal: "The area ahead looks familiar. Why you were never invited here is a mystery. Then again, you don’t seem like the kind of person who gets invited to parties often. In any case, prepare yourself for a shindig you won’t forget…"

Secret Level #2 - Organ Grinder: "One of the Cabal's most grotesque inventions has to be the Body Grinder, a hydroelectric dam powered by human which in turn turns giblets into a smooth, chunky paste suitable for sacrifices and parties. Prepare yourself for a gauntlet battle, in four installations!"

The map title is a reference to the Marilyn Manson song of the same name.



  • MAP08: Boss Battle
  • MAP09: Time to Split!
  • MAP10: No-Gun Fun
  • MAP11: The Stalker
  • MAP12: Platformer 3D
  • MAP13: Man in the Box
  • MAP14: Target Practice
  • MAP15: They Are Still Here

Mini-game #1 - Boss Battle: "Brawl against the bosses in four different arenas!"

Mini-game #2 - Time to Split!: "Grab the key and leg it back to the start before time runs out."

The map's name, design and overall objective is a homage to TimeSplitters.

Mini-game #3 - No-Gun Fun: "You've only got your pitchfork to help you rush back to the start..."

Mini-game #4 - The Stalker: "Find the key to the exit while an unkillable gargoyle chases you down!"

Mini-game #5 - Platformer 3D: "Can you leap to victory in under 60 seconds?"

Mini-game #6 - Man in the Box: "Fend off the baddies and survive for two minutes!"

The map title is a reference to the Alice in Chains song of the same name.

Mini-game #7 - Target Practice: "Your enemies are the clock, the targets and an indestructible foe stalking you!"

Mini-game #8 - They Are Still Here: "Beat level two on a tougher-than-tough difficulty!"

Bonus Levels

Bonus Levels

  • MAP16: Cabal Hill
  • MAP17: Graveyard Shift
  • MAP18: Beauty and the Beast
  • MAP19: Assault on the Fortress
  • MAP20: Demonoid Phenomenom
  • MAP21: The Wretched
  • MAP22: Lateralus

Bonus Level #1 - Cabal Hill: "Welcome to the Wild West. The bank, bars, shops and saloon are all infested with Cabal scum. You need to purge the heretics before you can escape."

Bonus Level #2 - Graveyard Shift: "Within this secret underground Cabal crypt lies graveyards to fill, tombs to plunder, cells to clear out, and hallowed halls to paint red. Beware, for the portal out of here is guarded by a powerful foe."

Bonus Level #3 - Beauty and the Beast: "These chosen grounds are exclusive to all but the highest-ranking members of the Cabal. Clear out the place a second time."

Bonus Level #4 - Assault on the Fortress: "This is the last stand. Clear out the overriden military base for supplies and weapons. Once you're ready, press the switch that's in the Power Room and may God be with you."

Bonus Level #5 - Demonoid Phenomenon: "Some poor souls are forced to run this gauntlet for the amusement of the Cabal, a bit like Takeshi's Castle. Anyway, if you collect all of the keys, maybe you'll be the first to break the cycle."

The map title is a reference to the Rob Zombie song of the same name.

Bonus Level #6 - The Wretched: "Mancubi roam the foggy halls of this maze. Wipe them out, and don't let the Arch-vile guarding the exit bring any of them back."

The map title is a reference to the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name.

Bonus Level #7 - Lateralus: "Spiral out. Keep going. Ride the spiral to the end, you may just go where no one's been. Or maybe the many Cyberdemons and Stone Gargoyles will stomp you a new mudhole. Either way, this is a boss battle like none other."

The map title is a reference to the Tool song of the same name.



GeneralLotz's video review of the mod

"We strongly suggest giving this a go, especially if you are fans of both Blood and Doom."DSOGaming

"I discovered this particular mod quite by accident on Mod DB and I went into it with absolutely zero preconceived notions. And I was heartily impressed by its quality."GeneralLotz

As of August 2019, Blood: Dead on Arrival currently holds an average rating of 8.8 out of 10 on Mod DB, out of eight submitted votes.

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