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Welcome to the Blood Wiki, a free content website devoted to the Blood series of computer games. This article is mean to clear up any questions users may have about our service. New users or even experienced Blood Wiki veterans are suggested to look through this page. Knowing these rules will help your experience on the Blood Wiki be a positive one.

What is the main goal of the Blood Wiki?

The Blood series was over ten years old by the time we created the Blood Wiki. Over that time much in the way of creations and information has been accumulated. Often that information or content has been spread over several different websites and in several languages. The Blood Wiki hopes to accumulate as much information as possible in one central source, before it has been lost or forgotten forever. Warning: the Blood Wiki contains and discusses fictional violence and traces of sexuality and nudity, reader discretion is advised. DeathMask is not responsible for the content of this wiki and neither is Monolith Productions, Atari, or anyone else besides the Blood Wiki. On many articles, there are descriptions of the plots of various Blood products, both official and fan made. If you don't want to have the plot spoiled, do not read them until after playing them. Most images on the Blood Wiki are not free content, this includes screamshots, game sprites, and logos. These are used under fair use for non-commercial purposes.

What is the point, since both Planet Blood and The Postmortem have content pages?

The main point of the Blood Wiki is it uses the MediaWiki engine. While websites like The Postmortem or Planet Blood rely on user submission, the Blood Wiki allows anyone to edit our articles. In this way we hope to create the most detailed articles available by tapping into the public subconscious. Both Planet Blood and The Postmortem are also subject to proprietary copyright. All text on the Blood Wiki however, is released under the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3, meaning that anyone can use or modify the text under the condition that it too is released under the same license. The only exception is when modifications break Monolith Productions, Atari, or anyone else's copyrights or trademarks.

Can I really add anything I want to an article?

You can modify the article as much as you like, but only if you follow certain rules and recommendations.

  • All work must be under the GNU Free Documentation License or compatible with aforementioned license. Copyrighted text is not permitted on the Blood Wiki.
  • Your work must not contribute to vandalism. Generally vandalism includes belittling articles, users, people, etc. Vandalism also includes changing pages into gibberish or deliberately modifying pages to promote falsehoods.
  • You can edit an article as much as you want, but so can everyone else on the Wiki. If you get in a situation where you are in conflict over how an article should read, please discuss it on the article's talk page. If the argument continues, you can talk to the moderators about creating a policy vote to decide.
  • If you are starting an article with an established formating, but can not write all of the sections, add "TBD" ("To Be Done").
  • All submission must be Blood related. Facts like “Siberia makes up about 77% of Russia's territory” may be interesting, but are not appropriate for our Wiki.
  • Please be courteous and respectful to other users. If you are involved in a an argument with a user, do not insult them as part of your argument. Logic is a better weapon.

Can I make myself my own Bloodite article?

Certainly, under certain conditions of course. First of all, you must have notable works, such as running a Blood website, drawing fan art, creating modifications, writing fan fiction and so on. Also remember that here on the Blood Wiki we do not like dealing with aliases. If you want an Bloodite article you must be willing to use your real name as its title. The final thing of significance is that I would like to point out is that your Bloodite article should only include an encyclopedic description of yourself and your contributions to the Blood community. If you want to play around, use your user page.

What language is the Blood Wiki written in?

Because the Blood Wiki founders are Canadian, Canadian English is the preferred language on the Blood Wiki (just as on the Russian Blood Community the Russian language is preferred). Blood is an American game series, however, and its spelling is in American English. Because of this, as long as it is taken from one of the games, you may spell it in American. For example, you can spell it as "C1L6: Center for Disease Management" but if you type "Ophelia's body is located in the center of the Altar of Stone" the moderators may change it to the Canadian "centre".

Note: on the Blood Wiki, screenshots are called "screamshots". This is a tradition started on the offical Blood website.

What is the Shogo Sub-Section?

As the Blood Wiki expanded and grew, we found the need to be creative to help further it usefulness. On June 8, 2008 we started work on the Shogo Sub-Section - a specific part of the wiki devoted to the sister game of Blood II: The Chosen on the LithTech engine: Shogo: Mobile Armour Division. The goal was to supply a thorough description of various Shogo topics, condensed into a collection of Shogo specific articles. Because of the need of keeping the Sub-Section organized and separated form the main Blood content, users can only make new Shogo articles under the permission of Blood Wiki moderators, specifically Gideon. Given the appreciation of our work on sites like Shogo Tribute, we know this has been worth it. Based on a quick search with Google on November 21, 2008 the Shogo Sub-Section appeared fourth if you search for "Shogo Wiki".

Most Blood websites have a forum, should the Blood Wiki have one too?

The Blood Wiki's goal is to complement, not compete, with the other Blood websites. There are already several forums offered by these various websites, and we suggest you use those. If you want to contact a user on the Blood Wiki, use their User Talk Page.

I want to upload multimedia to the Blood Wiki, what format should I use?

Generally speaking PNG files are recommended for images and Ogg Vorbis is recommended for audio. JPEG files cause file degradation and BMP files waste disk space. GIF files are still recommended for animations, but it is generally advised to use PNG files, mostly because GIFs don't thumbnail well on the Blood Wiki. MP3 files can not be used by some users because of patent concerns. This means that some users (such as those using a default setup of Fedora GNU/Linux) can not play MP3 files. Ogg Vorbis is a free alternative that is being adopted by many people and organizations around the world (including Wikipedia).


I hope this article helped clear up any questions you have about the Blood Wiki. If you still have any questions or have a suggestion, post it in this articles discussion page. Thank you for reading, and happy bloodletting! Tchernobog 00:41, 22 November 2008 (EST)

June 2013 - Account Creation Disabled

Due to an unprecedented amount of abuse we have been forced to prevent the creation of new user accounts on this Wiki. While this move was originally only meant to be temporary, within one hour of the feature being restored four new spam bot accounts were created. As such, we were forced to restore the block. Now, if an actual human being wants to get an account, they can post on one of our administrators talk pages as a guest with their desired username and we will create one for you. Guest edits are still allowed and welcomed, as that is one right I am not willing to take away from our readers and contributors. Tchernobog 19:31, 3 June 2013 (CDT)