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Introduction (By Gideon)[edit]

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Blood: Refilled
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Another year has passed on the Blood Wiki, and it has certainly been a busy one. I am finding myself still a bit busy in other areas of my life as this anniversary pops up so I will be more pithy than usual, which I am sure may come to some as a relief. I have collated my contributions of the past year (3050+ in total), the vast majority of which was image tagging, and gathered up the highlights here:

Meantime I will leave up to my co-counsel User:Tchernobog to fill you in on the other big changes and happenings here on the wiki and in the wider Blood community (which, off the top of my head, includes the Atari Steam releases, FPS - First Person Shooter, the second Halloween BloodBath, the release of raw data from Blood II: Revelations just a few days ago, and of course his own lengthily published Scroll series of fan fictions inspired by Cryptic Passage). Anyhow, keep the blood flowing. The festival of blood continues on and on and on and on! Gideon 02:20, 12 January 2015 (UTC)

Introduction (By Tchernobog)[edit]


So I am writing this just weeks after I finished releasing the final part of my intended ultimate swansong to Blood fan fiction in the form of Scroll, something that I rather cryptically hinted at during last year's anniversary. While I fully expected that to dominate most of the time I had available to contribute to Blood fandom over the past year, it has actually also been a surprisingly busy year for me on the Blood Wiki as well. In addition to my never ending task of clearing out spam and other malicious edits, I have also been able to add a lot more spit and polish to some of our articles. One only needs to compare the Caleb article now to how it was at the beginning of the year to see what I mean by this. Our level articles are also in a much better state thanks to my painstakingly taking a high quality screamshot of every level of the original game and its expansions. I have also added attributed quotes of Baytor's Walkthroughs to help supplement our own text, something that has become a trend here of late. The main point of the Blood Wiki has always been the preservation of Blood content and knowledge, and now that many of the sources of this knowledge have fallen it behooves us to preserve at least some of their text in a more convenient to access fashion here on the Blood Wiki in the form of attributed quotes in order to ensure we do not step on anybody's toes in terms of copyright or authorship.

FPS poster

The Blood fan community outside of the Blood Wiki has also not been sitting on their laurels. Perhaps the most surprising thing has been the return of Stephan Weyte's maniacal laughter in the film FPS - First Person Shooter which was made in homage to Blood and other classic contemporary shooters. The fact that it has yet to be distributed in an accessible form for most of us yet is of course still a disappointment, especially in light of the seemingly perfectly aligned decision by to start selling DRM free movie downloads as well as games. Speaking of distributors, Atari has also recently gotten more active when it comes to the sale of the classic Blood games, releasing them through Steam as well as through their own website for both One Unit: Whole Blood and Blood II: The Chosen. I have mixed feelings about a lot of this; people who know me would of course be aware that I am not exactly in Valve's corner when it comes to Steam despite a lot of the more positive things coming out of it recently, and the promotional aspects of these new releases have just been lazy. The trailer for Blood II is merely the admittedly wonderful introductory video to the game, and the one for Blood just uses badly nicked footage from an online Let's Play with "Love You To Death" placed over it. Still, if it grants a larger exposure to the games, I guess I can not really complain all that much. I would still recommend buying the games from instead though.


The modding scene has also been surprisingly full for Blood II recently thanks to the continued work being done on Extra Crispy by John "VGames" Carrizales, not to mention the success of PikaCommando in getting Peter Hopkins to release what he has of the once attempted Blood II: Revelations expansion pack. Given this as well as the second Halloween BloodBath continuing to use a Blood II server as its host, it has actually in some ways been a busier year for Blood II than its predecessor for once. As usual though the Blood fan art community has probably been the most active part of fandom this year, with special mention of course going to Becky "Mistress of Fear" Albright's surprising cosplay as Caleb at Comikaze Expo. As for me, now that I have gotten Scroll out the door I am actually going to be moving away from writing fan fiction to work instead on my first completely original novel. So far all I have is half a page of rather heavy prose, but I only began writing it last weekend. I may do a bit more work on getting my old Blood stories cleaned up a bit, but other than that Blood as well as any other kind of fan fiction is done for me, at least for the moment. My work on the Blood Wiki will of course continue as it has always done, because even after seven years there is still so much left to do with it. It is a never ending responsibility, but it is one that I would not give up for the world. Tchernobog 20:00, 12 January 2015 (UTC)


The Blood Wiki (January 12, 2014)
The Blood Wiki (January 12, 2015)

Below is a list of contributions by user up to January 12, 2015, sorted from greatest to least. This is a rough number however, since it includes edits to talk and user pages as well as submissions to articles. Also, Gideon and Tchernobog have used each other's accounts on occasion depending on which computer they were using at the time. This also includes all edits from past years, and contributors who have not made an edit in the past year.

For more statistics see the "See Also" section!

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