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Introduction (By Gideon)[edit]

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Alright I admit that we are far late this time as the wiki turned three last Wednesday. The best I can say is that we where busy... okay? Okay? We're good? Okay, I think we're good. Moving on lets look back at 2010 from a Bloodey perspective. Well, believe it or not, it has been a very busy year in Blood. First and foremost is the fact that Blood and Blood II: The Chosen, plus all expansions, are now back in the legal and clean realm from the unclear and somewhat seedy world of abandonware. The Good Old Games move last Spring not only cleared up where and how to buy Blood but even brought our favourite shooters back to the attention of some of the gaming media. Here's to that great 'ol publisher everyone (and here's also to the prospects I've been hearing towards GNU/Linux coverage there)!

As is the usual story for the past decade the fan community has continued its efforts to keep the series' light shining. Most notably is the establishment of the Blood Thirsters that has been giving the Blood fan art community a level of camaraderie and unity not seen since the Planet Blood days and we have been most happy to include their wonderful works into our gallery. In other news is the prospects for Transfusion given the somewhat stymied effort towards revitalization last April but still with the possibility of TDG Mods putting some work in upon the release of HYPERTENSION; though we had a bit of a shock with some of the turmoil of Christopher "DustyStyx" Steele's decision to step away from the project for now as well as the continued battle against the spam bots now being valiantly fought by William "Willis" Weilep.

The other fan game news is of course Joakim "Wrim" Widell aka "Mr. Dancing Cultist" and his work on Lokemundux Cruo - The World of Blood. Tamás Tóth also still continues his sporadic work on the new incarnation of The Flesh Game and there has been work on other fronts such as Blood Reborn and ZBlood+. One of these days ZZaRDoZz might release that fan fiction piece of his not to mention Tchernobog might finish his latest, and most epic, Tome of Blood contribution. The Postmortem of course is still recovering from its own downtime that occurred late in 2009; I saw quite some controversy over theme choices when I poked my head in to read a bit and do some archiving a few weeks back (I am still intending to do some more digging and see what of interest I can find there: certain things I've never heard about elsewhere for example). However into 2011 I can still see a future for Blood even with Monolith Productions continued ignoring of us all.

As for us, we have been dealing with our own spammers and most of Tchernobog's edits of the past year have either been correcting that or other organization related edits. Thankfully they have mostly just targeted talk pages rather then actual content. Last year we continued work on Blood staff and Bloodite related articles such as for Eric Kohler and, the-could-have-been-a-god, Jeremy Blackman‎ (yes GNU/Linux bias...), created an article for Blood Reborn, Blood II: Revelations and Good Old Games, improved the Shogo Sub-Section (particularly "Shogo Community"), added many new fan arts during both August and November including several Shogo arts such as one that tested our will to archive versus certain other considerations (not safe for work!), and uploaded or mentioned any other oddites we've encountered during the past year. So then, nothing extraordinarily new here, unless of course you count the Caleb Pumpkin, but a continuation of the content we continue to strive to put out for all Blood fans: the Blood Wiki is here for you any time you want it as long as our hosts at Wiki-Site are not having technical problems...

Gideon's Addendum[edit]

My 2010 was one of part triumph and part frustration. During the past year me and Tchernobog have had various, now largely dealt with, calamities within our academic lives (I hate high school), which (though the following is predictable to say) were not really our fault, had the continued frustrations of bad infrastructure such as our sewer and the eternal issues of our pathetic Internet (word to all, avoid Xplornet like the plague!) and the various problems of living in a low-income family (we've used the local food bank twice within the last few months). On the more positive front Cerberus is now employed (though overworked), our calves were top value in their weight class at auction (only good thing that particular set did) and me and Tchernobog's efforts inside Piga Software continue to bear fruit: particularly since our new partnership with the great such as a spree of small holiday game releases and the preview release of the next Alexei Volkov title. The Gambas world has improved with the expansion of the Gambas Forum and I am happy to say that I am now even learning three dimensional OpenGL programming in my language of choice due to some new user made tutorials as well as looking towards the release of Gambas 3. I am also working on older projects such as the second source release of Lamp Refugee for Gambas Genie and a new version of the Gambas Platform Engine first incarnated in Windys as well as other experiments.

Also of interest is Tchernobog's release last summer of his, well publicized in certain circles, Chzo Mythos binaries for GNU/Linux (as well as later the 1213 series and Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment). Yahtzee, it should be noted, has praised Blood in the past such as an allusion in his otherwise famously negative Zero Punctuation review series. We have also smiled at the GNU/Linux gaming spree of the past year with the success of the two Humble Indie Bundles, some great cross-platform sales for Amnesia: The Dark Descent (featuring the voice acting and voice direction of Lani Minella), the launch of the Pandora game console as well as various other triumphs for this fledgling gaming system and are looking forward to OilRush, Rage, Postal III (yes, I proudly admit I am a fan of Postal), Overgrowth and various other upcoming titles. As towards our other wikis, the Warren Zevon Wiki, though not exactly as complete as it should be, is still fairly healthy and Tongue Tied, the Red Dwarf wiki we moderate (still waiting anxiously on new series rumours), is still in need of a lot of work which I haven't had the energy to do. I still read through the recent edits listing every so often and make sure nothing is awry though. Maybe some point this year I'll work on it. I would also like to note our recent fascination for the past few months with the latest work by Canadian cult television icon Ed the Sock has also lead to some major wiki-related edits from us. Anyways, happy 2011 everyone.


The Blood Wiki (January 12, 2010)

Below is a list of contributions by user, sorted from greatest to least. This is a rough number however, since it includes edits to talk and user pages as well as submissions to articles. Also, me and Gideon have used each others accounts on occasion depending on which computer we were using at the time. This also includes edits from 2008 and 2009 and contributors who have not made an edit in the past year.

For more statistics see the "See Also" section!


The Blood Wiki (January 14, 2011)

Well, simply thank you to anyone who continues to browse or even, dare I say it, contribute (such as in the past year Mark McWane and our now sadly departed DustyStyx) to the project or who still plays and praises the Blood games.

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