Björn Wehrhan

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Björn Wehrhan
Typical Björn Wehrhan depiction of Caleb

Name: Björn Wehrhan

Alternate Name: Darkness

Born: August 10, 1979

Nationality: German

Location: Braunschweig, Germany

Notable Works: Fan Artwork

Björn Wehrhan is the creator of several pieces of Blood fan artwork, specializing in comic strips. He was one of the most well known fan artists on Planet Blood, and alongside MightyTwinkie/Rust created their comic strip selection. He started drawing Caleb soon after first playing Blood in 1998, liking his outfit so much that he even bought himself a hat and a long-coat. His depiction of Caleb features him in his usual garb of a black trench coat and hat, with an evil witch-like face and long unkempt black hair. He also depicts Caleb with blackness around his eyes, possibly cast by the shadow of his hat. His longest work is Caleb versus Lobo released in 1999, though he has has also created the two page Gun Shop, five single page multi-panel comics, and six single panel comics. His work was often featured on the Planet Blood "Pic of the Day", moderated by Tom Bramwell.

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