Andy Guillaume

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Andy Guillaume

Name: Andy Guillaume

Alternate Names: Guzz


Born: September 7, 197?

Nationality: British

Location: Alcester, United Kingdom

Notable Works: Blood II: DarkAct and the Limbloss Modification.

Andy Guillaume is a Bloodite who created several modifications for Blood II: The Chosen, most notably Blood II: DarkAct. He also created a modification called "Limbloss", which allows enemies to lose limbs while they are still alive. The aforementioned modification was a source of controversy however, igniting a flame war on the Planet Blood Forum over if he "copied" another persons idea. His most well known project, Blood II: DarkAct, was never completed because of lack of interest on his part and an unfortunate virus attack which destroyed a year of his work on the project. The Blood II: DarkAct website was last updated March 16, 2002.

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