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Andy Guillaume

Name: Andy Guillaume

Alternate Names: Guzz

Website: http://website.lineone.net/~guzz/

Born: September 7, 197?

Nationality: British

Location: Alcester, United Kingdom

Notable Works: Blood II: DarkAct and the Limbloss Modification.

Andy Guillaume is a Bloodite who created several modifications for Blood II: The Chosen, most notably Blood II: DarkAct. He also created a modification called "Limbloss", which allows enemies to lose limbs while they are still alive and was based on efforts by Monolith during the development of Blood II.

The aforementioned modification was a source of controversy however, igniting a flame war on the Planet Blood Forums over if he "copied" another person's idea. His most well known project, Blood II: DarkAct, was never completed because of lack of interest on his part and an unfortunate virus attack which destroyed a year of his work on the project.

The Blood II: DarkAct website was last updated March 16, 2002.

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