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Game Apperances: Blood Plasma Pak
Affiliation: Cabal

Difficulty Stats:

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 50
Pink on the Inside 70
Lightly Broiled 100
Well Done 130
Extra Crispy 170

"These cultists-in-training lob dynamite at you. Keep your ears tuned for the deadly hiss of an incoming bundle."--Blood Manual

Ackolytes are one of the new cultist enemies that only appear in the Plasma Pak expansion pack for the first Blood, and are featured on all the levels of the expansion. Assuming the Plasma Pak add-on takes place some time after the events of the main game, it is quite possible that the Ackolyte soldier rank emerged because the Cabal began to look for new followers after Caleb's actions which weakened the cult. This could also explain why the Cabal created a new kind of elite soldier at this time.

They wear green/viridian robes with a yellow belt and only attack by repeatedly throwing TNT bundles. The Plasma Pak instruction manual describes them as "cultists-in-training", meaning they are lowest in the ranks, and are not yet trained in firearms or advanced weaponry, but they are stronger than either Cultists or Fanatics. However, they will be seen carrying guns throughout the game anyways as their sprites are just recolored versions from the original cultists.

According to the Blood Beastiary, the fully-trained cultists have lost their mental sanity and behave recklessly due their long service for the Cabal, and thus, the Ackolytes are more mentally able and maybe still can feel fear. This may explain why the Ackolytes commonly will appear strategically placed upon the player, making them pretty deadly and hard-to-hit foes.