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"Blood: Fresh Supply - Watch Out For Pedestrians Achievement Guide (Matt) - YouTube
"Blood: Fresh Supply - I'm Not Staying in This Freaking House Another Second - Achievement" (pagb666) - YouTube
"Blood: Fresh Supply achievement: Oh My God... You're Rabid!?" (atouk) - YouTube

Achievements are a new feature added in Blood: Fresh Supply, with there being twenty in total to unlock. They provide feedback and an acknowledgement if a player completes certain in-game objectives.

List of Acievments[edit]

Name Description
Maranax MaranAAAHHHHHH Killing one hundred Cultists
Swallow This Killing a Choking Hand
Sleep, Ophelia Completing The Way of All Flesh at any difficulty setting
I Die... Again Killing yourself ten times in a row during single-player
Beneath the Floorboards Finding a super secret
Forgive Me, Old Friend Completing Even Death May Die at any difficulty setting
Digestive Irritant Finding the secret level in The Way of All Flesh
Oh My God... You're Rabid!? Exploiting the Hell Hound's notable weakness
Rest in Pieces Completing Farewell to Arms at any difficulty setting
Thine Is the Kingdom Completing Dead Reckoning at any difficulty setting
Should Have Gone to the Beach Finding the secret level in Even Death May Die
Priest, Beast, Deceased Completing Post Mortem at any difficulty setting
The Nightmare Ends Completing Cryptic Passage at any difficulty setting
Shopping Spree! Finding the secret level in Dead Reckoning
Better Left Buried Finding the secret level in Farewell to Arms
The Legend... Finding the secret level in Cryptic Passage
So Forgotten That They're Still Full of Cultists Finding the secret level in Post Mortem; references Civvie 11
Watch out for Pedestrians Completing Ghost Town (E3M1) at any difficulty setting without killing any Innocents
I'm Not Staying in This Freaking House Another Second Completing E2M5: The Haunting in under forty seconds at any difficulty setting
Chosen-in-Regress Defeat all three Beasts within E6M8: Beauty and the Beast in under three minutes on Well Done difficulty or higher

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