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The Following was posted by Apache on the Planet Blood News Section on January 18, 1999 (02:46):

Jay Wilson Q&A - by Apache

Instead of the usual Brian L. Goble Q&A we thought it would be kinda fun to spice things up! Jay "Shade" Wilson, Blood 2 Project Lead / Lead Game Designer was kind enough to answer a few questions for us! Here ya go! :

What excites you about the Blood II Addon pack? What will make this addon better than the rest?

The return of the robed Cultist from Blood 1, complete with sound effects. :) I think the strongest aspect of the Blood 2 add-on is the idea that we didn't want to create a tack-on to the Blood 2 story, but rather have fun with our concepts in the Blood world. By tack-on I mean that most add-ons are footnotes to the storyline of the original product. In the original game, the player fights the greatest evil/villain/mutant ever seen, and in the add-on they clean up whatever's left, like they're running janitor duty. :) For the Blood 2 add-on we came up with a campy idea that would allow us to have fun with the characters, settings, and enemies, creating a whole new experience apart from Blood 2. We also plan to take advantage of the multiplayer enhancements that will be added to Blood 2 by the multiplayer point release. We'll be adding quite a few new multiplayer levels and at least one new multiplayer mod.

What recent games have you been the really impressed with? What games do you play the most?

I'd say the most impressive game I've played recently has been Tenchu: Stealth Assassin for the Playstation (thanks for the recommendation, Craig!). I haven't seen Zelda yet, or my answer would probably be different. :) I've been playing catch up on games that I didn't get to play while I was working on Blood 2, and of them I've found Rainbow 6 to be really satisfying. I also enjoyed Half-life and Fallout 2 as well. I've been playing a lot of Starcraft: Brood wars on B-net, and I've actually started winning a game or two (with the help of Bill V., Ben C., Nathan H., and Schlegel). At home I've been playing Thief, Baldur's Gate, and Carmageddon 2.

Will you be working on Blood3? If not, what's your next major project?

Currently there is no Blood 3 in production, and no plans to start one up, so no, I won't be working on it. If we were to make a Blood 3 I doubt I'd be on it. After 2 full Blood products and 2 add-ons I think Blood is done with me. :) As far as what my next thing will be, I'll be contributing level design to an existing, as yet unannounced project that has been in production here for a bit. I'd tell you what it is, but if I did I'd more than likely get attacked by a roaming mob of shovel-toting madmen, so I think I'll pass. :)

Very good stuff! Thanks to Shade for visiting with us ;-)