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Halls of Stonehenge is a modification by Majik_Monkee for the 1992 video game Wolfenstein 3D first released on November 3, 2003. Although still set in the Wolfenstein 3D universe, with B.J Blazkowicz as the protagonist, the game borrows heavily from Blood, decorating its world with textures, sprites, music and sounds from the game. This was directly inspired by the author's older computer having trouble running Blood, while Wolfenstein 3D ran flawlessly.

The mod changes the game's weapons into those of Blood: transforming knife to Pitchfork, pistol to Sawed-Off Shotgun, machine gun to Tommy Gun and chain-gun to a "Riot Gun" derived from the Tesla Cannon. The game also adds new weapons such as the Voodoo Doll and Hell Staff.

Caleb makes a pseudo-appearance as the basis for Draven, the game's fourth boss armed with dual chain-guns. Shial is also incarnated as Webster, and the Gill Beast appears as Death Breath; Cerberus also appears, actually retaining its original name. Finally, Tchernobog appears as the evil Sarron. A special edition was also later released, with new levels and some new enemies, including a few from Heretic.

Similar Projects[edit]

  • Another mod by the same author, MedEvil, also borrows from Blood, but more directly from Heretic and Hexen.
  • The mod Resistant by Warthower also uses Blood assets and features the player fighting cultist style enemies.
  • Most notably, the mod ReaperMan by Sensomann also features Blood sounds, music, textures and assets, and even uses Caleb quotations (over-riding various game sounds) and face in its HUD; it also borrows quite heavily from Doom.

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